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Please Help ...alchoholic Paws


Thanks for your support..every time i posted a question i learned something new....i have been without alcohol for almost 8 1/2 months now..i had the symptoms of paws after one month of quitting .....panic attacks , dizziness(feeling of faint), anxiety, fear, confused thoughts, but they are reduced a lot,still have dizziness sometimes while driving...i feel scared i may faint..i feel like the brain is going numb...i haven't fainted in my 8 1/2 months time..as long as i am doing cardio i am fine..but when i lift weights dumbles..may be two sets thats enough..i am getting this dizziness which last for 3 to 4 hrs..dizziness is severe ...i cannot drive..so i quit doing anything to do with weights...i have this panic spells..random while in elevator .or walking...i feel scared that the elevator may stop ..my worst fear is the i may faint in public...i am just worried is this normal...will i be normal again?.....or do things normally...i had tests when i was in ER ...everything was normal....i have a marriage proposal in few weeks...the girl which i like...i am going home for my vacation..my parents don't know my situation....i am not sure if i am ready to get married...are there any tests where they can detect my present status..they had a CT scan when i was in ER..everything was alright..and had connected to my chest a day to check my heart beat..everything look normal...whats the best way to diagonse this issue..i want to fix this problem.

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