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Please Help

I am a 20+ year sufferer of anxiety disorder.  About 15 years ago, I had to come off of a severe addiction to ativan because the doctor I was seeing had me taking it for four years.  over the years, I have had more tests than anyone I know for heart, stroke, and every other problem.  I smoked for 25 years, and had a severe sugar problem (soft drinks, etc.)

Now, at 39 years old, I have been found to have a very high triglyceride level and was in the hospital.  The doctors tested my heart, and for stroke as I was having bad dizziness and chest pains.  (like usual with anxiety disorder)  While in the hospital, they told me I needed to go on some meds for the triglycerides, but I can not because they mess up my liver.  (i previously tried Lipotor and tricor)  I was told that diet and exercise would not be enough.  The other problem is I have no health insurance so I can not pay to monitor my liver levels if I go on the meds. (if I found a way to get the meds and one that would work)

The way the doc talked, i am a walking time bomb, and that just played my generalized anxiety disorder to the hilt.  I am afraid I am dying every day.  I have quit smoking, cut out fat, cut out sugar, and caffeine.  I am exercising daily.

I am only slightly overweight.  6 feet 1 inch and 200 pounds.

From the way he spoke, my triglyceride level of 800 (not fasting when tested)  can not be taken care of without the meds.  Due to this, I am reading every little pain as the onset of a heart attack.  Previous to this, I was doing great with my Generalized anxiety without meds due to the addiction I went through.  i learned cognitive therapy and so forth.

I have a horrible fear of death, as my little girls are only six.  I feel as though my symptoms are heart attacks, and if I run to the emergency room every time I feel them I would be there constant.  What if one of these times really is due to my triglyceride levels.  Or a stroke?   i do not know what to do.

I have no idea whether it is my anxiety or the death of me, and I feel like I am right back where i started with the anxiety though I know I am a bit smarter now.  But this is kicking my tail.

Any advice, or thoughts would be appreciated.

My tests in the hospital were an EKG, MRI (head) MRA (head) brain wave test - carotid echo - cardiac blood tests and monitering - and numerous other blood tests

All came back normal.  

what to do?
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I lowered my total Cholesterol and Tri. with  yoga  ( half hour 3x a week).and a handful of nuts daily. Ask your Dr. about taking a baby aspirin to ward off any heart attack . It will give you a little peace of mind. and its inexpensive. Stress can play a role in elevated numbers

If your mind can quiet enough, find your self a good mediation tape, Give it  about 6wks to see a difference I could recommend a couple if you like.

I have generalized anxiety disorder. Ive been on meds all my adult life. I now take a 1/4 of a .5 kolonopin. 3x daily. But  10yrs ago I weaned myself off valium and had tremendous anxiety because of it, and it left me feeling so anxious with any thing I ingest. Did you experience anything like this. I also want to say I feel anti-depressant can help with anxiety also. I hope i have helped you in some way
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You are exercising and the tests came back normal. Don't worry, you will be OK. You are NOT dying.

Consider taking good fish oil, it can help your positive cholesterol levels and help with anxiety some. I recommend putting your trust in the Lord and having a quiet daily devotional if you choose that path.

Good luck!!!
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You are doing all the right things! I have heard fish oil is good. Also oatmeal and cheerios are suppose to help. 800 is pretty high, i would take the meds for about six months and continue excercising and dieting and have it re checked in 6 months and then maybe go off of it for good. Your test on your heart were normal, so keep up the good work! Sounds like you are on the right path and i do believe the ugly anxiety is trying to convince you there is more to it, but there isnt. Continue to get your cholesterol checked often and stay on top of it.
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