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Please help - need this to go away


I am a 22 year old woman and suffer really badly with Chronic Anxiety Disorder. It started when I was about 16 years old properly, but I think things triggered it off from when I was younger when I used to get home sick when I was away from home etc.

It comes and goes and gets really bad when I have an event planned. I have got out of so many events because my anxiety has been so bad. I am due to go to my boyfriends sisters wedding this weekend in Bristol, it is only 2 hours away from where I live, but I am SO anxious about it and at the moment feeling the way I do will try and get out of it. I feel hot and cold, sweaty, dizzy like I am going to faint, I cant eat or sleep, it is basically ruining my life! I know once I get there I will probably relax and it will start to go, its just the build up. But I keep thinking what if I do feel like this when I am there?

Would anyone recomment and medications that will help in the short term and be effective in the next couple of days. I am due to make a doctors appointment today to see if I can get any help.

Any advice would be appreciated greatly.
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Hi Sophie. I suffer with anxiety also.  One of the best ways of short term relief that I use is to lay on my back with a piece of paper or something very light on my belly. Breath in and raise your belly, not your chest. As you breath in, count to yourself using this way of counting
1 hippopotamus 2 hippopotamus 3 hippopotamus 4 hippopotamus
When you reach the 4th hippopotamus, breath out counting the same way
The piece of paper on your belly is to make sure that your belly rises and not your chest, it's just for you to watch so you know that you are doing it the right way. Do this for 5 minutes when you feel like the anxiety is creeping up on you.  You can do it for longer if you wish.
Give it a go.  Hope it can help you darling
My name is Colin from Melbourne in Australia. X
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There are meds that can help you through, but as this is a chronic problem I recommend that you try CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy.  No guarantee it will work, but it will teach you coping mechanisms and expose you to your anxieties so you might learn to overcome them.  Meds don't cure anything, though they can mitigate problems.  I don't think, in my opinion, your doctor is the right place to start -- regular docs aren't specially trained in treating anxiety, they don't do therapy, and so can only refer you to a psychiatrist or prescribe medication themselves.  I'd start with a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment because if it works you're out of the woods.  Good luck.
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Hi Colin

Thank you very much for your reply. I do deep breathing exercises and sometimes helps for 10 minutes or so but then the anxiety creeps in again. I just want to know that I am not going to feel like this this weekend at the wedding thats my main worries. x
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Hi Paxiled

Many thanks for your response. I have tried CBT twice in the past but has never got me over my anxiety and always seems to come back worse. I dont know if the anxiety is also making me depressed because of what it does to me and how it makes me feel. I will try with a psychiatrist but need something short term before the weekend to help me just until I am back when I can then see somebody.
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Ask them for some anti anxiety medicine. I would try it before you go though because a lot of it will make you sleepy. I feel your pain and it's hard to overcome issues like that. I have anxiety as well and being around a lot of people trigger it as well as a lot of other things. The thing I have found that helps me the most other than medicine is just closing my eyes and breathing slow in through my nose and out my mouth and try focusing on something comforting.
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I have been prescribed 80ml propronal daily so we shall see if that makes any difference! I hope it starts to make me feel better! Another night has gone by where I haven't slept a wink!
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If you've tried CBT and it didn't work, you're where I was at when I went on medication.  It is time to see a psychiatrist, unfortunately.  But don't make the mistake I did, which was to stop trying to find a therapist who could get me to be a good patient -- CBT is hard and it's supposed to get harder and make it worse before it gets better because that's how we learn we can overcome it.  Like you, however, I got worse and at some point life gets very small, so I agree with you now that medication may be called for.  
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Hi, sophiebrookes92. Something is giving me concern about what you said in your last post.

I noticed you said the propanolol dose is 80 ml, but I am hoping that that is a typo. 80 mg is a very high dose and way beyond the usual prescription for social anxiety indications, especially if it is the first time taking it. Another name for it is Inderal. Could you please research  it,read the drug insert that came with your prescription, or talk to the pharmacist who filled your order about it? Then, definitely call up the prescribing doctor or whoever else is working at the clinic today and question the dose? i also hope the physician had a baseline idea of what your basic votal signs like blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate are.

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I meant vital signs,
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Another of my typos to correct. . Propranolol.
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Sorry again, I just noticed you typed ml not mg, and that is even more concerning, Also, please be aware that if you drink alcohol at the event, it will interact with the propranolol. Please question the dose.
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As to the post on herbal remedies, valerian is in fact a sedative -- that's it's most common use, for help sleeping.  Chamomile is a very weak calming agent and stomach relaxant, not strong enough for people with strong anxiety problems.  Green tea is very healthful, but not a relaxant.  
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