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Please help!!

Hi, I'm 18, I have been dealing with health anxiety and googling symptoms. I have 4 small petechiae in arm and two on my chest I googled and they said leukemia, however I got tested week ago and everything was normal. I'm having these symptoms from a month please I'm at high anxiety someone help me!
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Easy -- stop Googling symptoms and get back to your life.  Get into therapy and start working on your anxiety.  Here's what you can't find out on Google:  what you might have by googling symptoms.  The same symptoms can be a sign of hundreds of different things or nothing at all.  You can find this stuff out if you have a good and thorough physician, usually.  What you can find on Google:  after you get a diagnosis and a treatment plan, you can learn from authoritative sites such as the Mayo Clinic site or the NIH site if your doctors are doing the right things or not.  In your case, you're 18, and it's just unlikely much is going to be wrong at that age in the era we live in.  When it is, you go to the docs and hope they can fix it.  If you've seen a doc and they've said it's not what you thought it was, usually they will tell you what it actually is -- did you ask?  
He says you have just anxiety causing all the symptoms, blood tests are normal. You have to work on your anxiety, he has prescribed me anti anxiety tabs. Hope I can overcome it and come to my life back I miss old me :(
If this is your only problem and your life is not severely interfered with, I'd be cautious about taking those pills just yet.  Docs hand out pills like candy because that's all they know how to do, but they are not magic pills and they can have side effects  and be hard to stop taking.  When you need them, they can be really nice to have, but if you haven't tried therapy yet and lifestyle changes, and you're still functioning okay in life but just have this problem with being fearful about your health, again, I'd try non-invasive approaches before I got into the invasive stuff like medication.  If you fix it in therapy it stays fixed; if you take medication, the symptoms of anxiety might be tamped down but the problem is still there.  Only you know the severity of this, we don't, but it is something you should consider.  Your doc should, too, but docs are human and like all humans, some are a lot more thorough and better than others.  Good luck whatever you decide to do.
Hi just a quick update on my mental health. well you are right about side effects as my anxiety was nothing more than just anti-anxiety withdrawals and it made my life much worse but thankfully after many research and therapy I was able to quit it and now I'm enjoying my normal life. thank you again for your response.
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