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Please help I'm 15 and experiencing something terrible

Hi guys (sorry for this being long) but a long time a ago i got a stomach virus and was vomiting very strong with nausea ( i hate the feeling of nausea) it was about 2 or 3 months ago i woke up extremely dizzy and told my mom i couldn't go to school it was to difficult for me to walk and keep by balance. now this started 3 days ago I'm having this attack where when i lay down i get nauseas and start shaking horribly with tremors no breathing fast or fast heart rate but when the attack starts i get the urge to poop and vomit like bowel movement i went to the hospital in the ER and they took blood tests and urine samples and everything was fine they told me i was having an anxiety/panic attack i couldn't believe it because i am such a happy kid i have no anxiety or depression I'm 15 and have a great life. So i went back home and the nausea continued next day everything was fine until night came again around the same time the attack started!the first and second time this happened i was not scared at all but now i am scared because i don't want it to happen. so when it begins i feel the nausea i get scared that its going to happen again it happened it feels like an adrenaline rush but no fear i am getting fear not because of it but because i am scared it will happen anyways could i have a deficiency in any vitamin or do i have anxiety because i doubt that i do i am such a happy kid and this is ruining my life i am so mad so please help me thank you I'm still feeling the rush and I'm so scared for the night to come because I'm constantly light headed and nauseas this is seriously ruining my life i have not experienced weight loss either
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From what it sounds like to me is that you had a very bad experience of being sick that left you very anxious about it recurring.  Anxiety can definitely effect your GI track and cause some of the problems you described ie nausea and bowl issues. If everything came back normal from tests then it is quite possible that what you are dealing with is anxiety. If you find that your are not
able to do your every day activities them seeking the help of a therapist or psychiatrist may help.
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