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Please help me

I am 16 years old and I'm in the 11th grade. I have had severe anxiety and mild depression for the past two years. My mom understands, but my dad doesn't and they fight all the time. I sit there crying and thing about how much of a screw up I am because I physically can't go to school. I take medicine, celexia to name it. I just need help to be able to go to school. I have a councilor and it helps, but some days I just can't fight it. Please help me, and thank you
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Sorry to read of your difficulty.  Some parents, me for one, have trouble understanding mental problems - they think all medical issues are physical or "just in the mind" as in a weakness.

I don't know how to help you get more support at home, but from what I read I think you will have less anxiety if you attempt to discuss only with you mother.  Parental unrest can only cause you more pain, as you know better than I.

I have come to understand mental problems in my family, but it took me years to really believe treatment was necessary.

As with all treatment, there can be side-effects, and if those are bad enough it seems the only way forward is to work with counseling to find ways to reduce drug dependence.

The only up I can send is believe in yourself, don't let others, including other students, determine how you feel.  What is most important is believing you can go forward and feel better.
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Thanks for the comment. I am absent right now and my mom wants me to go to school, and my dad doesn't know in missing. The day is almost over, and I see no point of going
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Most of the time, lack of vitamins and supplements could cause symptoms of anxiety and or depression. Most everyone is unaware how Magnesium could affect our health.

Ask your parents if they can get you Magnesium Glycinate supplements. This is mostly available on line or at health food stores.

It will be good to search up : on Depression and Magnesium, you will learn tons of info as to why and how Magnesium affects the mind and body. Ask your MD permission to take Mg supplement.

Please note to avoid Mg Oxide, the form thats frequently available at stores. This one will have laxative effect unlike Mg Glycinate which is easier to absorb, inexpensive and is more stomach friendly.

Take care. I wish you only the best.

Edna RN .
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