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Please help would really appreciate it!!!

They just put me on zoloft?? Anyone have bad side effects? I never in my life have had anxiety anda I have the worst:( please help??
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i am not on zoloft but i am on fluoxetine wich is the same as prozack, and i have had a terrible time with side effects, upset stomach , loss of appetite,  weak very weak legs and muscle cramps, headachs im just waiting for them to go away and get on with it , i hope that you have good luck let me know how you do ! this is the first time i have dealt with anxiety also so its all new to me but this forum has helped put my mind at ease a lil , just knowing im not alone!!!
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Tanx!! Im super scared to take it:(im so glad I found this website It really helps to know im not alone.. I cant even walk outside and not be nervous ime lightheaded alll day I hate it I cant donns anything cuz of it:(
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I liked Zoloft.  It eased my anxiety with almost no side effects, and that was worth a lot because I had panic attacks when driving, a very scary thing.  The only side effect I noticed was on my sex life, which was muted (but when I was anxious it wasn't going that great guns either).  
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