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Please read

Im a 37 years old male.
Been jobless for 2 years plus now, single, passed through very rough time time lately, from family problems to daily routine, to living in a stressful country, to being indoors most of the time.
Photography and being online were or are my inly escapade.
In the last couple of years I have suffered derealization,which lasted with me for a good 3 months.
And it relapsed a year later for a short while.
Im normally a very anxious person, and worry a damn lot about the slightest thing. Being it silly or important.
It all started about a month ago, when i read news about a lady, you passed away of sudden cardiac arrest, where my worries started, and started getting scare that this will happen to me...my anxiety increased to an extent that i couldn't sleep properly anymore, and started researching heart attacks and symptoms and statistics left right and center...till after 2 weeks i had a hypo tension, and heart started  racing, dry mouth, fear, i was rushed to the ER, where they did EKG, and blood tests and everything was normal. I was told it was an anxiety attack.
That night i quit smoking, i visited a neurologist who told me that i have depression syndromes, and he gave  me magnesium and calcium supplements and Deanxit.
I preferred taking 0.25 mg Xanax at night instead of the Deanxit, especially after reading that was banned in several countries in the world.
My anxiety or worries didnt come to an end, i visited a cardiologist, he did EKG and eco tests for me, and ordered some blood test.
It was when the anxiety excelled to be come hypochondria and depression
I get dizzy foggy headed, fatigues, cant concentrate much, and of course worry a lot. In a way, that i feel it controlling my life.
Till i got my other anxiety attack that took me to the doctor again, who told me that my tests are normal, and my dizziness if is mid ear infection...he prescribed me again, deanxit, venoba ( vitamin b6 and b12 supplement), and vasoserc ( treats dizziness, titinus, meiners disease)
I have been on them for 5 days; im taking 1 tablet deanxit in the morning, and 3 times a day the vaoserc, 1 tablet venoba, and 0.25 mg xanax at night, as it helps me sleep.
I suffered another anxiety attack a couple of day ago, and all my muscles got tensed to an extent that my jaws started hurting the 2nd day.
Im on and off...depression mood is still here, not feeling happy, have foggy head most of the time, restless, blurred vision, hypochondriac about anything i feel, fearing death to an extent that i am becoming or became very pessimistic.in addition that the fist week after my 1st anxiety attack, i have been passing through nicotine withdrawal syndrome.
I was advised by a close friend to stop the deanxit and xanax and take cipralex instead.
I have never been this way, it ***** being this way, and im scared to be this way for long...i would really appreciate if some one who is passing through this or passed  through it, to advise me or share his experience with with me.
What is bothering me now, is the worry about my health, worry of collapsing or dying,and the very low mood i am in. At very small times in feel ok, but most of the times i am not.
Could all this be a result of my life style, and accumulated stress?

Thank you.
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Hi, Sorry you've been dealing with so much, I related a lot to your story. I also have anxiety and severe avoidance. I've been unemployed also for a couple years because I haven't been able to control my anxiety and fear of working in an unknown setting with unfamiliar people. It's debilitating. I'm a good interviewer, and I get offers, but often I don't follow through because I'm scared. It sounds to me like you have anxiety disorder plus a lot of stress. I've also had some fears about my heart, mostly unfounded. I've gone to ER many times for rapid heartbeats which were caused by anxiety and also too much caffeine intake. If you've had all the heart tests and they tell you your heart is normal you can relax that there isn't anything wrong and try to de-stress and manage your symptoms.

For me, I had to give up coffee and caffeine it was causing my heart to race and my anxiety to be worse. I also just started taking a beta blocker to control my heart rate which has helped a lot. I also take Xanax as needed, it's great for panic or anxiety esp if you have sleep problems. Just don't take it any more often than you absolutely need it.

My GP prescribed me Lexapro 10mg (isnt that the same as Cipralex?) and she said she felt it would really benefit me. I haven't taken it yet because I'm afraid to take anti depressants but I'm at the point where I'm about to bite the bullet and take it because I do trust my GP and if she feels it would help me I should trust her judgment and I know I need help with my anxiety and lack of motivation.

Try to just relax and not be afraid of unfounded fears. If they told you your heart was normal your not going to drop dead. Trust me I've dealt with this same stuff and it ***** obsessing over things. I would try the Cipralex and see how it works if it doesn't you can try something else, and talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Anxiety is an awful thing I've had it my whole life and all we can do is try and manage it. If you can, try to see a therapist maybe they can help talk you through this or reach out to a close trusted friend or family member. And take it one step at a time. That's what I'm doing, I'm trying to get my anxiety under control, and when I get up enough courage, I'm going to take the Lexapro and hopefully soon I'll feel good enough to pursue employment. Good luck friend.
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Thank you so much for your post.
Im sorry you are passing through this too.
The thing is, as well, people fail to understand us at times.
I never considered seeing a therapist, as knowing me, it will be confirming that something is wrong with me.
I did cut on cafiene too, and quit smoking, its my 3rd week.
And talking to someone, even a trusted one, at times, due to the lack of understanding of what one is passing through, ond could prefer not talking.
I m giving up deanxit, but will continue on xanax 0.25 mg just to help me sleep. Maybe i should fill up my time and do some sports too.
A lifestyle change coud be the answer.
When i get of xanax totally, ill go to laxpro if needed, and will tell you about it.
Thank you so much my friend.
We just have to be strong and live our lives the way we should.
Ur post meant a lot to me. Really.
Thanks again.
I wish you all the best and strenght to.
Please do stay in touch!
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Lexapro* yes its the same as cipralex.
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Your welcome, I normally don't reply to posts on here but yours reminded me a lot of myself. Your never alone in this fight against anxiety. And if a medication isn't working, don't ever settle. Stop taking it and ask your doc to try something else! Some work, and some don't. Everyone responds differently. I'm senstitive to meds which is one reason I've held off taking the Lexapro because I was scared of side effects, but I trust my GP (which is very important) and so I just have to get up the courage to try it. Good for you for quitting smoking that's so hard I quit myself because it was causing me problems.

Seeing a therapist does NOT mean anything is wrong with you. I also hated the idea of seeing one and I'm still skeptical of them, but you just have to find one you feel comfortable with and can be open with, that's what matters, that way they can help you and maybe give you some coping tools. Don't ever settle for someone you don't feel comfortable with, lifes too short for that!

I know for me with my anxiety I need a combination of life skills and also the right medication to help get me to a place where I can function and work and not care what other people think.

If you find something that helps you relax and helps your anxiety, do it! Sports are great if that's what you want to do, do it! For me, it's shopping or antiquing lol.

Just tell your doc all of this and be direct about wanting help and they will help you. I can't speak about Lexapro's effectiveness yet as I haven't yet tried it but from what I hear it's good to use a low dose Xanax with an ssri like Lexapro initially to help with the side effects. My next goal is to take the Lexapro and see if it works or not for me, I'm still scared of the side effects but I know I need help with the anxiety and getting my life back.

And yea make sure you have a trusted friend or family member you can talk to, that's so important, someone who has your back and is loyal to you.

I hope you feel better! Xo
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