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Please respond, I'm sick of this.

Hi, i have a couple questions and need some tips on my anxiety. I am a 16 year old boy who was recently prescribed pills for some sort of anxiety disorder. The whole anxiety started about a year ago one day when I was high on marijuana, I began to freak out and believe my heart was going to stop or I  would just stop breathing  overall. I stopped smoking because it began to happen everytime, but recently I've been experiencing similar symptoms in which I felt when I used to be high. It seems like if one thing sets me off I just go into further stages of anxiety. Here's a recent senario, I had been thinking of anxiety and suddenly my arm started to hurt, I assured myself that it was nothing but then I started to feel my heartbeat increasing, following that I started to get basically a shaky adrenaline feeling which made me sick to my stomach, following that my breathing started to "go off" or so I thought so. It took a while but it passed. This occurs on a everyday basis. More recently however I've been feeling light headed and sometimes feeling like I don't know what's real or not but when I come back to reality it feels amazing, but when I'm not I'm scared ******** and I can't really remember what I did 5-10 minutes ago. Well that's my story, if anyone has similar symptoms or a story like mine please let me know, I'm sick of this and  miss my old life. Please respond.
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The good news is that its very possible to get your old life back, firstly by understanding what is happening to you when you have an anxiety attack and secondly believing that you can control it.  All of the symptoms you list above are a combination of anxiety trigger based body functions, one leads to another and the more you fear your anxiety the more power it has over you.
Have you spoken to your doctor or are you on any prescribed medication to relieve the symptoms?  It would be helpful if you could get into some counselling to learn the techniques for overcoming your anxiety, simply starting with breathing and focusing on the feeling and giving it a score out of 10.  The very act of looking inwardly at your anxiety as a watcher empowers you over the symptoms.  I know this all sounds so simplistic,  but next time you find yourself heading into an attack, focus on your body part and concentrate on breathing exercises.
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