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Positive self talk

Ive been home since friday, I called out of school cause i was feeling alittle under the weather, so I had the whole weekend, plus monday tues and today free...On monday I went to the mall with my bf and was unbelievably fine. Ive been working on telling myself "Im ok, youll be okay,  youll get through this." Wheras a couple weeks ago we went out to a resturaunt I wanted to leave right away,,,we didnt and I couldnt bring myself to eat I was a wreck.

This time perfectly fine and happy as can be.
Now here it is wednesday night and I have school tomorrow I cannot predict how I feel but im guessing not well, its one thing to be ok with your bf by yourside, but with school there is so much going on I dont know what to do,,the herbal stuff doesnt work good the only thing that works is alcohol, sadly , which im not doing I just dont know how to handle this......I want to quit school so bad, but am worried about what others will think of me for not sticking with it.

Im under alot of pressure..
mother is not in good health
supporting her
relationship stress
anxiety stress
school stress
looking for another job bc my last employer needed more hours than I could give her due to school,,,,,,,
what should I dooooo
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I have the same anxiety ssues. if you need to talk im here. have you tried any RX nxiety meds?
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no Im not really up to taking meds, I want to do it the natural way....until I can find a good doctor who knows what there doing...I started taking lexapro and then stopped because it takes to long couldnt wait and was getting really drowsy and headaches from it so I want something that will work right away and am scared to try meds

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