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Possible Derealization

I'm not if anyone else is having the same kind of problem as me but I feel like I'm the only one about 1 year ago I start getting this sensation like I had smoked weed but I haven't smoked since 2019 when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I went cold turkey n been weed and tabacco free every since but I get this feeling like I had smoked and it goes away like a weed come down I don't drink or do any hard drugs only prescription medication Tylenol & Levothyroxine My partner smokes weed outdoors and sometimes I sit on the porch with him to catch some air but I'm not near him enough to get a contact high then sometimes I just think I might had pick up some weed crumbs by accident while cleaning but the feeling comes and goes n I hate it because it feels like my body is being weighed down and light at the same time my vision seems like its HD and my eyelids getting extremely heavy but anytime I talk to my doctor about it normally says it's probably hypertension issues but I highly doubt it can anyone tell me if they have the same feeling and if so how do they manage it
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That sounds disconcerting! First, though, I'm thrilled you gave up tobacco and weed and don't partake in much along the way of substance. That's so much more healthier and better as a parent. I hope your hubby comes on board with that as a mom of teenagers, a high dad is pretty uncool.  Anyway, this is strange. It feels like an outerbody experience, it sounds like. Do you have anxiety that you can point to in general? Or is it this symptom only? Derealization and depersonalization are symptoms of anxiety and can be treated as part of anxiety. Meaning, the traditional routes can help. A therapist is a great place to start. Do you have insurance that could cover this? And then sometimes a simple SSRI can really impact us positively if it becomes something that you and your doctor think would be of benefit. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/depersonalization-derealization-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20352911  Really though, psychotherapy can be really helpful for this!
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Yea he did a fews years back he did but my symptoms has never been out of control like it is now and it wouldn't take so long for me to get myself together and back on track back then the most that would happen is a quick dizzy spells rapid heart beat and a few quick hot flashes and I did tell him that I prefer to take the most natural route to try to get it under control like yoga,meditation, reading etc. The average things most things that ppl do to cope with stress but now the new symptoms stop me dead in my tracks I can't even go out the house barely anymore because it's just this overwhelming but I always try to manage so it doesn't interfere with me taking care of my daughter now I'm more open to wanting to try now methods to gain control again but he did suggest I go see a therapists to get a more professional opinion and see all my alternatives and then to follow up with a neurologist to make sure I don't have any underlying problems with my brain and spine
How are things going? any better?
Hi! I'm so sorry I'm literally over a year from just seeing this sorry it took me so long but yeah things have gotten much better I'm currently on medication for my thyroid and anxiety and it's helped a lot and I do some self decompressions when I feel like it's kicking in
Hey Regina2422, just wanted to say that this is great to hear!  People DO get better. Wishing you a great life and happiness. and if you need a place to volunteer some good spirit to help others, come back here whenever you can! :))

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