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Possible Xanax withdrawal

HI, I've been on Xanax for 3 weeks at 0.25 mg/day splitted in two doses of 0.125 (drops), one in the morning and one in the evening. Now i'm concerned about a possible withdrawal if I go off. I need suggestions, please.
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It's a low dose, but benzos taken regularly will produce a withdrawal when you stop.  You have to taper off slowly.  My own opinion is to only use benzos on the occasions when you need it.  I'm old now, but when I was younger and new to this they put me on benzos every day -- klonopin -- that's what they did.  But benzos have turned out to be a bad drug to be on for so many reasons.  So my advice would be to save this type of drug for when you need it, not every day.  When you do decide to stop, you need to taper off slowly, though again it's a very low dose which should make it easier.
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