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Post LSD Freakout

Okay, so I took LSD for the first time two nights ago at around 8 pm. The trip was really cool until about 4 the next morning because the effects were not going away. I got no sleep and remained in an "afterglow" the whole day after. I was freaking out the entire time, afraid that it would never go away or I when it would I would have mental problems (i.e. anxiety depression). I finally fell asleep around midnight although a very foggy sleep - nothing deep. I woke up today feeling a bit better but still not normal. I had an anxiety attack because I convinced myself I was driving myself crazy or would eventually drive myself crazy because I can't seem to grasp reality. I feel as though i'm still somehow in a dream even though I know i'm not. It's hard for me to think straight and my brain won't stop going into "psycho mode."

Will this last forever? Is this sense of non-reality a common after effect? Should I seek professional help?

Any advice would be much appreciated. I want nothing more than to get back to normal but I feel as though I never will be normal again. Help, please.
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Here's the thing about LSD from an old Sixties guy.  LSD is virtually never pure.  The early users were using the pure stuff, which wore off after a few hours, and they took it in comforting environments.  But once it became a popular and abused drug, it was virtually always mixed with speed, which is most likely why your trip lasted so long and you couldn't talk yourself out of it.  Once a drug gets popularized, it becomes the prisoner of people trying to make money from it, and then you never know what you're really taking.  This may be folklore, and I admit I never took it myself but almost everyone I knew did, but they say that the pure stuff never bothered anyone as long as they knew they were taking it, but that there hasn't been much pure stuff available to the average buyer since the Sixties.  So relax yourself with the knowledge that you were probably on speed along with the acid and that most likely this will go away.  The people I know who suffered long-term from it took an awful lot of it at one time.  Hope this offers some solace.  
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LSD can play some serious tricks on your mind my friend.,, its effects can last well into the future and can cause serious mental damage/trauma. Drink lots if fluids, stay hydrated, sweat out the toxins and MOST importantly REMEMBER THIS EXPERIENCE AND THESE FEELINGS next time your tempted to try it or anything else for that matter. BEST of LUCK to ya
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Hi, Rockmonster.  I found the following on the web.  I hope it is helpful.  And I must say this: PLEASE DO NOT USE LSD AGAIN!  It's that dangerous.  Blessings - Blu

Question: What Are the Effects of LSD?
Answer: The precise mechanism by which LSD alters perceptions is still unclear. Evidence from laboratory studies suggests that LSD, like hallucinogenic plants, acts on certain groups of serotonin receptors designated the 5-HT2 receptors, and that its effects are most prominent in two brain regions: One is the cerebral cortex, an area involved in mood, cognition, and perception; the other is the locus ceruleus, which receives sensory signals from all areas of the body and has been described as the brain's "novelty detector" for important external stimuli.

See also: The Effects of LSD on the Brain

LSD's effects typically begin within 30 to 90 minutes of ingestion and may last as long as 12 hours. Users refer to LSD and other hallucinogenic experiences as "trips" and to the acute adverse experiences as "bad trips."

Effects Are Unpredictable
Although most LSD trips include both pleasant and unpleasant aspects, the drug's effects are unpredictable and may vary with the amount ingested and the user's personality, mood, expectations, and surroundings.

Users of LSD may experience some physiological effects, such as:

    Increased blood pressure and heart rate
    Loss of appetite
    Dry mouth

However, the drug's major effects are emotional and sensory. The user's emotions may shift rapidly through a range from fear to euphoria, with transitions so rapid that the user may seem to experience several emotions simultaneously.

Hearing Colors, Seeing Sounds
LSD also has dramatic effects on the senses. Colors, smells, sounds, and other sensations seem highly intensified. In some cases, sensory perceptions may blend in a phenomenon known as synesthesia, in which a person seems to hear or feel colors and see sounds.

Hallucinations distort or transform shapes and movements, and they may give rise to a perception that time is moving very slowly or that the user's body is changing shape. On some trips, users experience sensations that are enjoyable and mentally stimulating and that produce a sense of heightened understanding.

Bad trips, however, include terrifying thoughts and nightmarish feelings of anxiety and despair that include fears of insanity, death, or losing control.

Developing Tolerance to LSD
LSD users quickly develop a high degree of tolerance for the drug's effects: After repeated use, they need increasingly larger doses to produce similar effects. LSD use also produces tolerance for other hallucinogenic drugs such as psilocybin and mescaline, but not to drugs such as marijuana, amphetamines, and PCP, which do not act directly on the serotonin receptors affected by LSD.

Tolerance for LSD is short-lived it is lost if the user stops taking the drug for several days. There is no evidence that LSD produces physical withdrawal symptoms when chronic use is stopped.

Two long-term effects persistent psychosis and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD), more commonly referred to as "flashbacks," have been associated with use of LSD. The causes of these effects, which in some users occur after a single experience with the drug, are not known.

The effects of LSD can be described as drug-induced psychosis-distortion or disorganization of a person's capacity to recognize reality, think rationally, or communicate with others. Some LSD users experience devastating psychological effects that persist after the trip has ended, producing a long-lasting psychotic-like state. LSD-induced persistent psychosis may include dramatic mood swings from mania to profound depression, vivid visual disturbances, and hallucinations. These effects may last for years and can affect people who have no history or other symptoms of psychological disorder.

Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder
Some former LSD users report experiences known colloquially as "flashbacks" and called "HPPD" by physicians. These episodes are spontaneous, repeated, sometimes continuous recurrences of some of the sensory distortions originally produced by LSD.

The experience may include hallucinations, but it most commonly consists of visual disturbances such as seeing false motion on the edges of the field of vision, bright or colored flashes, and halos or trails attached to moving objects. This condition is typically persistent and in some cases remains unchanged for years after individuals have stopped using the drug.

No Known Treatment
Because HPPD symptoms may be mistaken for those of other neurological disorders such as stroke or brain tumors, sufferers may consult a variety of clinicians before the disorder is accurately diagnosed. There is no established treatment for HPPD, although some antidepressant drugs may reduce the symptoms.

Psychotherapy may help patients adjust to the confusion associated with visual distraction and to minimize the fear, expressed by some, that they are suffering brain damage or
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Good Bad or Ugly results from drugs always seems to be the last thing the seeker or user looks at before dropping a tab or injecting or ingesting anything.  As a kid we didn't have the internet, had public radio and a library full of stodgy old material that was not relevent to what was going on in the 60's.  We would look around at someone who was dropping and determine from their looks or described trip if we should or should not try it ourselves.  And of course we always believed our friends that this or that was safe and then the green light was on to try it ourselves...

Like Paxiled suggests, try to relax...It sounds to me like you got a doozy of a mix  and maybe look at more info on the web about something you are going to put in your body before you do it next time...

Wishing you the very best

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Thanks for the responses, guys. I ended up at the hospital because I had so many panic attacks and have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression - both of which I'm fighting to get rid of. I have certainly learned my lesson, though and I will never take LSD again and hopefully, when I do conquer my rabbit hole of a mind, I'll be a better person - calm, peaceful and overall, wiser. Thanks again!
Did you ever get better?? I am going through the same thing right now it would help me so much to know what is going on
I did get better! First of all, DON’T TAKE ANY MORE DRUGS, especially psychedelic. I don’t even smoke pot anymore because it can induce “flashbacks.” This doesn’t always happen, but I just don’t even **** around anymore. Second, I highly recommend you seek professional counseling as soon as possible. I started with weekly, then moved on to biweekly, monthly, etc. Professionals will be able to help you understand what the drugs did to your brain and what you can do to normalize yourself again. Moreover, they should help you manage any anxiety or panic you may be having. In the meantime, take a deep breath and know that IT WILL GET BETTER. You may be in an extreme state right now, but you will not feel like this forever. I’m sending all my good thoughts your way.
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Relax, LSD wears it self off slowly,  it can get around 14-16 hours through,  depending on the micrograms it contained in your drop.  Your subconscious mind was not liking the downer.  Seems like you had a strong blotter with high microgram content that's why it lasted it's entirety.

It is a mind altering experience, you were probably paranoid as it took you to places you were not expecting to be at,  sometime it happens that way.  

I promise you there is no reason for you to get worried.  LSD is not addictive like smoking cigarettes, you will not be able to do it every day,  your body starts starts getting immune to it with back to back use,  hence the body it self starts repelling it, there won't be any craving.

I am not being a drug priest here.  However, I have always believed we only live once,  you had an experience of your life time and you may never get this trip again.  So, selectively  look at the sweet parts and the colors of the trip you had.  Peace out.  
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