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Pressure on temples, tight scalp, tingly head is it anxiety?

Hi, Im a 28 y/o male. I recently got eustachian tube disfunction which caused me horrible anxiety. I couldn't sleep or eat. I thought I was dying. I still have minor symptoms of eustachian tube dysfunction but my anxiety is still really bad. I can't stop worrying from the moment I wake up and go to bed. My doctor put me on celexa and I'm two weeks into that. However, I still get tension on one or both of my temples. This comes and goes but the sides behind my ears are sore.  My scalp seems really tight. It feels weird when raising my eyebrows. I sometimes get a tingling in the back of my head. That seems to happen more when sitting down and leaning over. If I have a alcohol the tight scalp feels even worse. The tension headaches seem to come randomly or when I think about them. My jaw seems tired all the time from clenching. My neck is super tight. Could this all be anxiety related? This had been going on for about a month. My temples feel better after I massage them too.
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You say still some minor ETD symptoms but does the doc say your ETD is gone? What minor symptoms?

As far as the rest of your listed symptoms go, you may be over-analyzing your body in fear, so if you can relax they may all go away.

Celexa is a bit of a drastic solution compared to therapy - what dose are you on, have you used other anti-anxiety meds and how long ago did the ETD start?
The etd is pretty much gone. I have some crackling in my ears. I did have anxiety in the past about medical situations but never did anything. The therapist said this probably just pushed me over the edge. It has been about 2 1/2 months.
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Were you anxious before this problem started or only because you were scared of not knowing what was going on?  Because Celexa won't help your physiological situation only, it will only help if you actually have a chronic anxiety problem.  I don't really know what the problem was with your Eustachian tubes, but clogged ears and sinuses can cause disorientation and vertigo, and that feels like anxiety symptoms.  But anxious people are anxious thinking people, and that's why I ask if you were feeling anxious before this problem arose.  If not, don't understand the celexa.
Nor do I understand the Celexa since the ETD is just some cracking in the ears which I can imitate by yawning anytime over the last multi-decades (at least) so is a non-event.
It seems you have major health anxiety to be studying your body at this point just because of a ear cracking sound frightening you, so what does your therapist think?
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