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Proper propranolol (inderal) dosage

What is the proper propranolol dosage in order to prevent the symptoms associated with anxiety-provoking situations?
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hiya has your doctor not given you a correct dosage?
i have been on prop for 2 years i started on 10mg 3 times per day but am now on 40mg 3 times per day which is the MAXIMUM dosage, although if im feeling ok i can reduce the dose like say to 20mg 3 times a day

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what I meant was that if i wanted to take proproanolol on "as needed' basis i.e. 1 hour before a presentation - what is the minimum but enough dosage to eliminated the symptoms of anxiety?
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Hi there.

Usually, the docs will prescribe Inderal more as a daily medication for anxiety prevention.  I did have a friend who was prescribed it on an "as needed" basis for presentations just as you describe.  Her dose was 10 mg.  That is a pretty low, standard "starting" dose.  The nice thing about a beta blocker like Inderal vs a benzo, like Ativan or Xanax, is you don't get that sedated, drowsy feeling (most of the time for most people anyway).  

If you are unsure how your doc wants you to take the med...give him a buzz.  That's the best way to be sure.  You want to be sure you are taking it properly.

Good luck!
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kk i get u now on my info paper from the box it says up to 40mg for social situations ie exams if i were u i would take 20mg should be enough depending how anxious u actually are but i suffer from long term anxiety BAD and 20mg calms me down
hope this helps
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Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle, or if you are unsure...ask your MD.  Everyone is a wee bit different.  Where 10mg may be just plenty for you...other people, like jo said...may require more if they have more severe, or more complex anxiety issues.

Good to see you around, jo....by the way!  :0)
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cheers hun hope your ok :-)
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I have to say that I can't agree with what you said about the beta block vs lorazepam.  Having  tried both, my experience was the exact opposite of what you have said.  I had far greater drowsiness from the beta block than I ever did with lorazepam.  Both these medications can be used on an as needed basis for performers or people who do presentations.  It depends on the individual as to whether the beta blocker should be on an as needed basis or a continuing basis.  Lorazepam/ativan on the other-hand is strictly for as needed and is in and out of your system quickly.  That is why it is used for short term relief and not meant to be used on a long term basis.  My point here is, it all depends on the individual.  If you have low blood pressure, you may find that the propanolol will make you very drowsy although the extra adrenaline you get from anticipating a presentation should counteract that.  The only reason a person would feel drowsy on ativan before a presentation is if that person was not anxious and therefore wouldn't need it or they were prescribed too high a dose.  Sometimes short acting benzos are prescribed for people with sleep problems.  That doesn't mean it puts them to sleep, what it does is it relaxes them enough so that they can sleep.  There is a lot of misunderstanding about this and I just wanted to clarify.  If you have anxiety before a presentation either of these medications, a beta blocker or ativan or xanax will get you through it calmly as long as the dose level is appropriately prescribe and that is very individual.  
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My doctor prescribed both propranolol (beta-blocker) and xanax andI have to agree with barfer except on one thing:  propranolol does not help with the anxiety itself (the anxious thinking and negative thoughts) - it will only help with the physical symptoms of anxiety.  To confirm this, you can google propranolol and find for yourself.

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You are absolutely right about the propranolol helping with the physical symptoms and if you only have the physical symptoms, then sometimes a doctor will prescribe it alone.  Reason being that if the physical symptoms go away, then the anxiety does too.  (Propranolol is prescribed for people who have essential tremor.  Some times these people who have the tremor become anxious because of it.  Once the tremor is gone, generally by taking the beta blocker, then the anxiety goes too.)  This is not the case with everyone as it was not with me, that's for sure.  It is very common to prescribe the two together.  I don't need to confirm it, I've read everything on beta blockers I can find and have first hand knowledge.  You didn't mention in you original post that you were taking xanax as well, so I based my response on that information.    The fact that you take xanax with it is absolutely appropriate.  My concern with the information you were receiving from one of the other postings was that you would be afraid to take a benzo (xanax in this case) because you would be too drowsy.  You won't because you have an anxiety issue and will be in a high stress situation so all it will do is help keep you calm.  The combination of the two is an absolutely appropriate prescription that most doctors would prescribe for someone in your position.  
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You mentioned that you have been on inderal for 15 years and that the side effects are "still the same".. what are the side effects you are experiencing?
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You all are absolutely right...Inderal does cause drowsiness as a side effect...especially with the marked drop in blood pressure and pulse....

What I was going for really was the sedation effect....which isn't entirely impossible with a beta blocker....but with a benzo...an hour or two later for a lot of people....that sedation hangover really can kick in.

That's also why I said that I prefer when someone is prescribed a beta blocker as a daily dose with an extra one before a presentation...it allows the body to adjust better....and achieve a more steady state of "calm".

But, I should have been more clear and apologize if I was misleading.
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Thank you guys for all the help and insight.  The purpose of my original post was to try to find the proper dosage of inderal to be taken on "as needed" basis for me (37 years of age).  
From your replies, I would assume that 10 - 20 mg would be a good starting point.  I would guess that also this amount is a pretty small dose to cause any severe side effects.

Thank you all
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I have had severe social anxiety for 2 decades. I was prescribed Inderal for my extreme fear of public speaking. I was prescribed Inderal for the public speaking and tried to deliver my speech, it was a disaster, racing thoughts, mind went blank, voice quivered, hands shook, jelly legs, etc. I may not have been on the right dose, because I have always had a very high tolerance. My question is what is the highest dose allowed.
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