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Propranolol for Severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder

I am a 30 year old female that has suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD since childhood.  I have been on at least 7 different medications over the years that have and have not worked for various symptoms; however, I can't find one that works for them all.  I have been taking 50 mg of Zoloft for about 3 years and it works great for my depression and the best thing I've ever taken for my OCD, but my anxiety is worse than it has ever been.  I don't want to get off Zoloft because it's the only thing that has ever helped my OCD.  My doctor prescribed me Propranolol 10mg 2x's per day or to be taken as needed with my Zoloft.  I just started yesterday but so far no help.  So, I started researching it and have found that it is not generally used for someone with generalized anxiety but usually for those that have anxiety in certain situations.  I wake up and go to sleep with a lump of anxiety in my chest.  I also read that it is not good to use regularly for someone with asthma.  Any suggestions or feedback on your experiences with this?
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I should also *** that I have seen that a potential side effect is increased depression.
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I take propranolol for my blood pressure and keeps my heart steady when a panic attack comes around. For my anxiety, the dr put me on celexa, propranolol, and Ativan. This combo usually works pretty well.
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