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Prozac and Procrastination effects

I have started Prozec about 5 weeks ago, my experience so far is:
it does reduce the stress.
It does not reduce at all the negative thoughts.
It brought to me a new severe problem - procrastination.
The procrastination tookd me out of mind.
So, together with my doc , we have deicded to stop Prozac.

Does anyone had a similar experience ?
What am I going to experience during the wthdrawl phase and later on ?

I have decided after this horrible experience no t to toucj chemicals any more.

I will try : CBT, Bio-Feedback, Accupuncture and meditation.

I would be pleasd for any advice.

Thank you,
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You could have better results with another ssri,its always a case of trying till you find what works for you.neuro feedback is better i think then bio,the other stuff cbt etc sounds like could be helpfull.lily
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Might be,

But I have decided to stiop with it for now. I did't see any improvement sive I have strated with SSRI, it is just that one probelm replced by another and the later is worse then the first.

Fortunately my doc support this i\dea and approved it.
So now I am on a gradual reduction protocol for 2 weeks.

I hope it will will be better.
I want to try to deal with the problem without chemicals.

Thank you.
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That's exactly what I am wanting to do. I would love it if someone knew of some really good natural solutions that can work or has worked for them. I hate the idea of taking any kind of medications but understand that they are necessary in a lot of cases.

Wishing you tons of luck.
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I don't know what is your problem,but I think that when the problem is anxiety of where anxiety is the triger then there are many natural solutions who are very good and proven.

Just to mention a few: CBT, Bio-Feedback, accupubcture, walking, meditation.

Thank you,
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