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Heeeeeelp!!!! Just took my first dose of 10mg of Prozac. Someone please tell me I'll be ok! Scared out of my mind. Doing a lot of body scanning, waiting for side effects.
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RELAX!  You are fine, Prozac is one of the safest medications out there.  You're on a low dose and it takes several weeks for it to reach a therapeutic level.  It's okay to be "watchful" but not to obcess over the side effects or you will make yourself worse.  I took Prozac for many years and did very well on it.  Try to stay positive with all this and dwell on the idea that it will help and not hurt you. This worrying will increase your anxiety, take a deep breath and relax.
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I'm trying. Thanx so much for your response. It helps to hear from someone that has actually taken the same med. Glad to hear you did well on it. I'm soooo scared but I'll keep what you said in mind: safest med out there, low dose, it will help...
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Take some deep breaths and try to relax, I know, easier said than done. As the other poster said, this drug takes some time to reach the therapeutic level, some faster than others, but, for the most part, it takes awhile.

I can understand heavy anxiety, I have it big time. I have these books by Dr Claire Weekes called "Hope and Help for your Nerves" and one called "Help From Nervous Suffering" these are both OUTSTANDING. It is just like the author is talking directly to you and I tell you, it has been my constant companion at times. I have gone through one set and had to buy another, there are so many underlines in it. You can get it from Amazon.com at a pretty good price.

Hope this helps and try to relax, you are among friends here and we want to help.
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Dude just relax trust me u will get throw it i just started mine to
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So you finally started it... Good for you! seriously your so much more stronger then i am. I am good at giving advice but not so good at taking it, so like everyone on here is saying ( Relax) watch a chick flick, get your mind relaxed and comfortable :-)  i know how your feeling! i still havent started my zoloft, i tell myself everyday, just take it! its meant to help my symptoms! so just keep in mind your not alone in the way you feel. I am right there with you! i debate with myself everyday to start my medication so i am in the same boat...

I am here if you ever need someone to talk to, with us having young ones to care for we need all the support we can use.
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Thanx to all that responded. Actually have been ok with taking them. Still a little nervous rite after taking them but I've been consistent. Thanx again so much for your support!
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