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Has anyone tried this medicine for anxiety? Thoughts? Comments? Safe to take with Xanax .5mg? Just got it perscribed to me since Celexa and Paxil were giving me to many side effects.
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I have never taken this med. I have taken the other 2 you mentioned though. You can take Xanax with Prozac. I hope it works for you. Keep us up to date.
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While I am not currently on Prozac, I did take it years ago and it worked very well for me.  I took klonopin, a different benzo, without a problem as well.  I'm not sure what side effects you were having that you are trying to avoid.  

I currently take Wellbutrin.  It has not made me gain weight and it has not affected my sex life like so many of the other anti-depressants.  Just a thought in case you need to go down the road of another med.  

Take care.
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Hello there!

A friend of mine is on Prozac for depression and it works awesome for her. She used to cut herself everywhere because of a severe social disorder (sorry, the name escapes me), bipolar depression, and an anxiety disorder. The difference was like night and day. She had to go through inpatient care just because of her specific condition, but the Prozac was the first thing they tried when she was sent home, and she's been great. She's stopped cutting and doesn't have any of her original symptoms from before she was on the medication. I would say she's back to normal.

Prozac also works with Lunesta, I know for sure, because she has to take that at night for insomnia.

I also know when mixed with amitriptyline, Prozac can cause hallucinations. My friend saw "shadow people" when she was on both at the same time.

Prozac and Xanax usually interact fine. In some people, you can feel drowsy in the first week or so, which means you should be careful when you're driving. Also, if you experience anything like dizziness or slurred speech, stop the medication immediately and go to the doctor.

Another interesting thing I found: Of course you can't take these two with alcohol, but you also cannot take it with grapefruit juice. There can be very severe GI issues.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

~ Em
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