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QOM: August 2013

It's that time again!  Late as usual, lol.  ;0)

After thinking about several different questions to pose, I came up with this one:

If you had to describe, in ONE sentence, an anxiety/panic attack to a friend who has never experienced one, what would you write?

I'm looking forward to your answers and a discussion!  If anyone has any suggestions for future QOM, please PM me or CJ and we'll make a note of it.  Your ideas are always welcome and appreciated!


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Total fear. It begins in my stomach and spreads throughout my body. That is all followed up by derealization. My perception is thrown off and I am scared out of my wits. Despite this overwhelming feeling, I go about my business as I would any other day with just some apprehension.
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Thanks edgy for sharing.

I'm going to use the wise words my one therapist said...it's like the fire alarm without the fire.  SO true.

The same feeling you'd have if someone was holding a gun to your head, only without any trigger, which makes it that much scary!!
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When in an anxiety situation, it is like being on a merry go round that is spinning at about 100 miles per hour....and as you spin around things about your life pop out at you but only for an instant before you go back to total panic mode.  

I haven't had this happen in years since starting therapy, but it is still a very scary thing to think about happening again.

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Plenty of science, solid science, to back anxiety both in terms of it being a disorder and its treatment.  I'm glad they have researched and the stigma surrounding it seems to be less and less each year that passes.  This is a good thing for all who suffer.  

Great question nursegirl,  You are so creative with your questions!

A true panic attack is a horrible feeling.  To me it is almost like bursting tingles in my head and chest that spread/fan out from the center.  Then catching our breath is hard.  

The other way I would describe general anxiety is a LOUD mind.  I just can't shut off the thought and it disrupts me from sleeping, resting, relaxing . . .  enjoying things.  Sometimes I just want to scream inside my head "shut up already!!" if you know what I mean.   (probably not unlike others who want to scream that at me when I'm talking. ha ha)  
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"Great question nursegirl,  You are so creative with your questions! "

Ha!  I try, thanks.  My partner CJ helps come up with ideas as well.

Thanks for sharing, really great description!!
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