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Question for the ladies

Do any of you feel more anxious right before your monthly cycle?  I am on day 2 of extreme anxiety and my monthly is just a few days away. I have always been a bit anxious right before but the past 3 months its been much more intense. I have one day where I feel down in the dumps like a black cloud is hanging over me yet I do not typically suffer depression. When I feel this I just cant wait for her to arrive bc I knw relief from my hormones is on its way.
Today I had to tale.75mg of xanax just to make it thru the work day. This is a high dose for me, I usually only take .25mg. Any others go through this & if so how do you handle?

Thanks for reading :)

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I think this is pretty common for women to go through, especially if you already have anxiety. Your hormones are going crazy around that time.
I would recommend taking a really good organic multi vitamin for women. Check out your local health food store and they should be able to help you find something right for you. Take care. Remar
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i know this is for the ladies...but i'm sure you aren't alone. this reminded me of a product out thats extremely expensive called sarafem for the treatment of PMDD. Sarafem is a brand for fluoxetine which is just prozac and as a generic, it's only $4 at the pharmacy i work at. but some doctors write scripts for sarafem which is insanely expensive compared to the $4 fluoxetine.

anyway, don't know that anything i said helps other than pointing out how drug companies like to rip people off.
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I feel very anxious about 5 days before my monthly. I recall reading an article that some women suffer from PMS as early as 2 weeks earlier. Diet is very important I notice as I tend to crave for salty foods, sugars and coffee, if one gives into these, well it just fuels the anxious or PMT feelings.
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Thanks Flob, but I am already taking 20mg paxil. Im not crazy about taking an SSRI to begin with.  As much the paxil helps my anxiety Long term effects  & withdrawl once i come off  it scare me...
Thanks for your input :)
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That time frame is exactly when I feel it about 5 days before. Today I did have the salt & sugar cravings & i was in such a mood i did give in to them. I wonder if this does only make it worst...Maybe I will try not to give in and see if that helps.  As for coffee i just go with one cup 10oz in the am thats it. Coffee definately makes me anxious if i have too much.
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hmm. i re-read what i wrote and found that i might have seemed as though i was making a suggestion about the med(s) i was talking about. that wasn't my intention. my intention was just to point out how rediculous i think that product is. but, it's late, so i think my meaning could have been clouded slightly by the fact that words are much harder to put in coherent order when you're very tired. ha.

but out of curiosity...why do you worry about withdrawal? have you had bad experiences with that in the past?
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Hi Chrissy,

I don't know about you, but my limit for daily coffee is like only 3 cups, if I have none,
I am slightly depressed. Sugary snacks are my biggest enemies. Though I am not a diabetic, I have a family history of diabetes so I try to eat a low GI diet. It is hard to resist those sugary snacks and I find that if I have eaten too many sugary snacks for a few days, I feel very anxious. This can happen regardless of my cycle. I have read many years back a book where the author links panic disorder to low sugar levels even in people who are not diabetic. From observing myself over the years I certainly feel much better when my diet is more balanced with less starchy, sugary foods with too much additives.

Having said that, I believe that indulging in some treats a few times per week is not really that bad, it actually helps our brain produce endorphins it seems, moderation is the key and that depends on the individual.

Take care.

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