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Questions about Beta Blockers

Hi, I posted a couple days ago about my severe tremor and rapid heartrate which has either caused anxiety or is a direct result of it.  Someone reccomended a beta blocker in a response to my post.  I have taken a beta blocker in the past (toprol) I believe 30mg and it had no effect on my symptoms.  What beta blockers are recommended to control rapid heartbeat, and at what dose will be effective in treating my symptoms?  Anti-depressants had no effect, and the only thing that has really worked at all is Xanax, but that is only on an as needed basis and odviosuly I can't take it for every little thing that causes me to be anxious.  I can't stand my shaking, it has totally ruined my life over the last 7 or so years.  I've noticed that when my heartrate is decreased, I don't shake so bad.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions which will be much appreciated.  Mike
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I take propranolol - it really helps to calm me, make my heart beat slower and helps with the heart palpitations I also have.  I also haven't had a shaking episode since I started taking it.  Maybe you could try this - my doctor said propranolol is really good for calming you.
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Thanks, I'll talk to my physician about it.  Is there a dose that anyone recommends.  My doctor always puts me on low doses of everything, and says here try this for 6 months and see how it works.  Well, those 6 months add up, and I don't have many more months left to experiment.  Been doing that for 7 years now.   Thanks again, Mike
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Hi Mike,

I developed tachycardia (rapid pulse) about two years ago, for no obvious reason. I've tried several beta-blockers, and I've found that Atenolol (tenormin) (50 mg daily) has worked the best for me (your mileage may vary).

Atenolol is cardio-selective (unlike propranolol). Toprol (metoprolol) is too, but seemed excessively strong to me.

If you in fact have a rapid pulse, a beta-blocker *will* lower your heart rate. It will also lower your blood pressure.

From an anxiety standpoint, I can't say that the beta-blockers are very effective. They are very effective for rate control, however. They are effective against PVC's to a small degree also.


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