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Questions concerning SEVERE ANXIETY?

I've been shy all my life and that hasn't been a big problem till around now starting high school, since 7th grade i've been insecure about my weight since i'm UNDER weight.. now i've been nervous since i wake up, throwing up,don't wana go nowhere because of the uncontrollable fear,i also have rages of anger....

what is causing this?

could it be an hormonal imbalance? (i also never get periods.body acne,bloating, excess hair)

do i need medication and/or therapy?
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It could be a number of things, You may want to talk to your mom about it (If that's an option for you) and have her take you to the doctor and get to the bottom of this. Most likely it is due to anxiety, if so they can get you the right meds and you can get on with your life.
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I agree that seeing your dr would be a good idea.  It could be anixety related and if that is the case you need to get to the bottom of what is causing the anxiety.  Start with your dr. Have him/her do a physical and full bloodwork up.  Sometimes if your levels such as your vitamin B is off it can cause anxiety.  I would guess that other levels being off can cause some of the other symptoms you mentioned.

If it is anxiety I would suggest you see a therapist.  You are so young and you want to deal with what is causing the anxiety before it gets out of control.  Seeing a therapist will help you do that and they will be able to figure out a treatment plan that works for you.  That may or may not include taking medication.  

Also try keeping a journal.  Sometimes just getting all those bottled up feelings out helps.  Make sure you are eating right and getting enough sleep and exercise.

Good Luck please keep us posted on your progress....
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