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Quitting Zoloft after day 5 , how long will it take to get my sex drive back !

Been taking Zoloft , but stopped after day 5 , coz I lost my sex drive and it's scary coz I'm not sure how long it will take to come back . Does it come back once Zoloft is out of the system ? But you guys reckon after only 5 days is it much damage ?
Cheers pls help
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I replied to your other post.  It's good you posted on a new thread; more people will notice it and respond.
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   I would consider that Zoloft and medications like this take 6 to 8 wees to work and side effects experienced early on are transient and go away.  But those types of symptoms are things like headache, sleeplessness, etc.  You don't often hear of sexual side effects early on in taking of these types of medications.  Definitely can happen down the road but this, to be honest, may just be in your head and part of the anxiety that isn't yet treated.  Ultimately, recovering from your anxiety is the important thing and I would give a fair trial to whatever medication you are going to try. good luck
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Thanks for the responses they were very helpful , I do appreciate that
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