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RE-POST: Anxiety Resource List

I'm reposting the link to the resource health page for reference.  If anyone has any books, other resources they would like to be added, let me know.  A great first step for someone new to anxiety is to choose one of the many self-help books out there (there are MANY!)

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Maybe those who have ideas for things that help anxiety could find the health page and add to it.  Very good suggestion nursegirl!
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I too think this could be an excellent guide. I will let you know what I have in my bag that might be shared here at MedHelp...

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Thanks Ladies!
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Hello nursegirl and M:  here is a place for those links to be gathered if you like.   om
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Omhome, it would be best if you put your information on the health page or create your own health page or you could do a journal.  Those are helpful ways to share information.  
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i was just thinking it might be handy and easy for first time posters looking around for helpful "hints" to use right away. It is not for me----i have such material i hand out in my workshops or give to students who ask. Thanks for the thought though specialmom.   omhome
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Yes, a journal entry for tips like that would be perfect.  You could post a link to it for people who would benefit from it right on their threads.  A lot of people use the journal feature more as a way to get info out to a lot of people, versus for themselves.  I have used it that way many times.  Just be sure your journal settings are set to "public" so everyone has access to it.

You could create a health page that you could reference too, but in all honesty, I think that the journals are a bit more user friendly, easier to find, and have more clear cut ways for members to add their input in the comments section.

Either way, both offer a way to put the info in one place, then refer to it when warranted.
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thanks nursegirl! I am thinking that all ways to offer info are good. Is there something i am missing about having that available in a thread as well as journal etc. Just keeping it simple---especially since i am just not good using the computer. Thanks again for your helpful input.   omhome
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I think it is hard to have a thread over and over again with the same stuff in it.  So, a journal is better or a health page that you can refer someone to.  
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To have it in a thread isn't optimal, because unless the thread sees frequent activity and gets bumped back to the top, it will fall off the front page and not be visible.  Plus, to have the info in a thread, and keep it bumped to the top will bump members' questions down the page, and risk not being seen.

For anything informational, a journal entry or health page would be the better way to go...and as long as you have the info somewhere, I don't see a need to duplicate it by having a thread AND a journal.  People can add their own comments after the journal, therefore others can add any tips THEY would like to be included as well.

We used to be able to "tack" threads to the top of the page for high visibility subjects and info (ie, a welcome to the community, description of the community, and some rules, etc), but MH did away with that and put that info under the drop down tabs on the main forum page...this way the members' questions and concerns get seen faster and don't get lost among other stuff...which makes sense as they are our priority.  

That's the same reasoning behind using a journal entry for something that is informative.  It's easy enough to refer to, you can post a link to it in a member's thread, and anytime a comment will get posted to the journal, it will appear in the sidebar, under "recent activity" (top right of the page) for all to see.  You could even occasionally make a comment on the journal yourself, which would bump it up to the sidebar.    

If you decide to do a journal, I would advise choosing a title that will make the content obvious, something like "Tips for Reducing Anxiety"....versus something like "Stressed Out? I Can Help!".  The first title will paint a clearer picture of the content, and will likely draw more people to it.  Also, the first title is much better when it comes to the search function.  Someone searching the community looking for tips would never find it with the second title example, where they WOULD with the first.
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Hi Everyone,

I think there's been a bit of confusion, so we'd like to clarify our policies and "standard practices" here.

Anyone is welcome to post their ideas and resources in the manner that suits them best.  However, keep in mind that threads are very hard to keep in sight, as threads without new posts, particularly in active forums, tend to slip off the first page quickly.  A one-stop thread full of resources doesn't work that well for this reason.  That's one reason we offer the option of creating health pages and journals; and, if anyone is interested in doing this and needs help getting started, please feel free to contact a moderator.

Speaking of moderation, as a reminder, please let the moderators work with members, versus members telling members where they should post.  That allows all of YOU the freedom to do what you do best, which is help each other.  


MH Community Mgr
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Thank you cheryl.
I may contact you for some help with that.
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