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Good Evening everyone, my name is Ced, 20m. I was scratched by a stray cat in my left hand because I touched it last Saturday, jan. 7, 2017. I had a brief panic attack after that. But because I was injected with 2 boosters last December 2016, I shrugged off the feeling of having rabies. But on the following Tuesday, I experienced a pain in my left armpit whenever I lift my arm. That subsided too when Wednesday came. Then I had a low grade fever and cold since friday night, most likely due to the fact that I've been wet in the rain for the last two days. However, I still had anxiety that it might be due to rabies. Yesterday, I saw the cat again, and it was ok and I fed it, so my anxiety subsided a little because I heard that it will take 10-14 days before you can prove that an animal has no rabies. 3 days to go before 10 days, I said to myself. But the night following that, I felt a burning sensation from my left part of my body, from my left ear down to my left arm, and that alarmed me very much and my anxiety rose even more. I visited a doctor following that and told me that there is no need to worry about rabies because my booster is still in effect. The burning sensation might be from my low grade fever or else it might be neuropathy. But ever since that, I've been experiencing random nerve pain up until now in my left arm. I've been also burping occasionally since thursday. I'm still scared of rabies due to the things that I feel in my left arm. My question is, is the tingling sensation in rabies continuous? I'm really devastated by the burning sensation that happened from my left ear down to my arm yesterday and some random pain from my nerves in my left arm. Someone help me please.
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Your doctor told you you can't have rabies. You have no medical training and Google didn't make up for that shortcoming so you need to give up your faulty premise that you are capable of diagnosing disease..

You are imagining the pains or else they already existed but you think they are new. If you are unable to accept the diagnosis try therapy. Your body is likely not burning from your ear down to your arm - as you noted you have a fever so your terrifying self-diagnosis is just hurting your emotions.
I really did experience a burning sensation from my left ear down to my left arm for 30 mins. Then it subsided. Until today, I still feel occasional nerve pains in my left arm. I don't have any fever now. I'll be set to see a doctor again tomorrow for an update. Thanks for your advice. I'm lessening my googling on rabies. It did help.
It is unnatural to Google diseases you can't have, trying to work up some science connection to override your doctor's.
Lessening Googling is like lessening anything that is harmful; at some point in time the addiction will overcome and you will go back to normal addiction. It does nothing to help you because you obviously still  maintain the faulty assumption that you can diagnose. I. can't say anything more because therapy seems like the only option to help.
Yep, I understand your opinion. I evaded using google for symptoms ever since. I'm only struggling on gerd now, which came from my anxiety. Thanks. :
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