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Anything more about the Thallasemia?  Are you Alpha? Beta?  To tell you the truth, I have NO IDEA what I am!!
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Hey suzi,

Thanks for asking.

I don't know anything, yet.  The doctor hasn't called and I don't want to call them because I'm probably annoying them.  I worked out at the gym this morning but I still feel anxious that the phone is gonna ring any minute.  Well, on the bright side, I did speak to my former doctor last week and she said that they performed the same tests with th exception of the Alpha Thalassemia Gene test back in 2000 and the tests were unremarkable.  She believes that I just have Thalassemia Minor and that it is common for someone of my ancestry.  She didn't indicate whether it was Alpha or Beta.  But I don't think it matters as long as it's not Thalassemia Major.

I'll let you know if I ever find out.  It's been almost 2 weeks!

Anyway, take care and I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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