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Random Mini Anxiety/Panic Attacks

I've been diagnosed with benign heart arrythmia, checked out by cardiologist, GI doc, etc.  Everything is apparently fine.  This process took 6 months to get me to a place pretty much just about 2 weeks ago where I feel there is nothing medically wrong with me.  

However, I keep getting these very short anxiety/panic attacks from nowhere, probably about once a day.  Rest of the day I am fine.  There are no triggers, they just kind of happen.  

Basically I feel like everything kind of slows down around me like I 'm dissassociated from teh world, my whole body and especially chest kind of tingles or has a sensation, and I feel very lightheaded and uncomfortable.  It basically feels like I just got incredibly nervous b/c a girl I liked talked to me for the first time in like 8th grade.  I can handle them pretty well but I would like them to not happen at all.

My heart doesn't race, it doesn't pound, I don't sweat.  I can still pretty much function as in talking to people and stuff but I hate it.  They seem to pass fairly quickly.

My questions are:
1) good ways to stop this from happening (more preventive than actually handling it when it happens, which I think i'm pretty good at) ?  I've always had some anxiety but these "attacks" are pretty new.  I don't really want to take meds for random small attacks that happen maybe once a day or less.  I have some Ativan but that even says on the bottle "for racing heart" which I don't get.  I have a job where I am in front of people all the time, talking etc. so I can't really "go take a walk" or "relax" when it happens.

2) Any good books about this?  THere seems to be tons out there

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Also, I should note that once they pass I am completely fine
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