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Reality? Or not?

Hi everyone.

basically I am quite anxious and depressed, but these feelings of detachment, emptiness and unreality hit me, especially when I thought of this thing. I thought that the past 8 years (where i'd repress my feelings and be in denial means I accumulated emotions for years) are all a lie, fake, not real, an illusion, a dream-world, and that reality only hit me now and I don't know how to cope with it because I'm not used to it. I feel like I'm going crazy. Like I'm not sure what reality is anymore. It's so scary, I just want to feel normal again. Life seems weird to me now, and I'm not sure what to do. What is this?

I've booked an appointment to get help, but I just want to feel re-assured and sane again. Any suggestions?
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Try to get help asap so u can have a professional help you seperate reality from non reality. I hope you feel better..talking always helps.
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I suggest grounding techniques and mindfulness for anxiety to everyone who might be going through a situation that sounds like yours. This is how it goes: sit in a chair, both feet on the floor, hands on your legs or stomach, close your eyes, and inhale/exhale slowly and deeply through your stomach. Focus on your touch points while you're doing this... say to yourself "feet on ground, bum on seat, hands on stomach". This takes practice, but it can help to keep you in your body instead of up in your head. It sounds like hippy stuff, but it can work if you give yourself time and practice. Also, try sitting still and just have a point to stare at for a long time and try to clear your mind. Again, it takes practice but can help..
As for the depression, have you been formally diagnosed by a clinician as having depression? Because your symptoms could cover an array of different conditions. DO NOT miss your appointment, be sure to go to it and tell them everything, even if it's uncomfortable.
Good luck =)
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