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Red Blotchy neck, chest and face.

Ive been having instances over the last few years where my chest, neck and face become really red and blotchy when I become stressed, at work, drinking, social situations and pretty much anytime I am anxious. I have always been a shy guy but never to the point that it has become and when Im red and blotchy I also get hot and sweaty. Whenever I get this way it doesn't seem to go away until I remove myself from people and or go outside where it may be cooler out. Im starting to notice how negative this is becoming when Im around friends and even family, (who I'm suppose to be most comfortable around) they start to notice and comment on it which seems to set it off worse. I'm not sure if this is a stress or anxiety thing because it seems I can't get out of my head about it when its going on. i'm not sure who to talk to; psychiatrist and or physician and Im really cautious/scared to take a medication that may have horrible side effects. This is why I have decided to just deal with it but its getting to the point where I can't enjoy being with people even when I use to be very sociable. Anybody deal with something similar? Anything you did to help? Any advice would really help.
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People can get hives during stressful situations. You may want to start with your family Dr. He/she can recommend what step to take next.

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