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Repetitive music causing anxiety?

I work in a mall where speakers mounted on the corridor walls blast the same playlist of about 30 or so songs on a daily basis for the past few months now. I find this to be extremely unnerving and distracting. I want to know if there is any link to psychosis and/or anxiety brought on by hearing the same songs over and over again on a routine basis and if there is any action I can take to address the issue with mall management and at the very least get them to pick a broader range of music so the same song wouldn't have to be heard more than once every so often. This has become increasingly bothersome to me and I feel it picking away at my mental stability.
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I understand what you are going through, A few years back I was working in an office  where we were exposed to extremely loud music daily. Yes it was unpleasant and I got rather anxious but then when I had focus on my work, I just mentally switched off and at times the music was okay. To be honest I rather work in such an environment than in a cramped office with too many workers, like most of the modern offices, little cubicles , with masses of 'slave robots'

Two of my workmates responded differently, the older one though hardly at his workstation complained about everything . The younger girl, had a very easy going attitude and was a chain smoker - this is how she relaxed - so nothing bothered her. I also suspect she was on drugs.

So the point is people are different, some people may be more anxious than others to begin with and they are bothered with the slightest change . But then the more one focuses on the bothering aspect the more troubling the minor problem becomes.

Another example of this is for instance my husband snores very loudly. A few years back it used to bother me so much and I kept on saying to him or thinking, can't you just stop snoring, I can't sleep because of you. Then after a few months, I changed my thinking and listened to his snoring and discovered , it had a soothing pattern - I used his snoring as a breath meditation tool and learnt to sleep next to a loud snorer.

So see whether there are some aspects of the music you like and try to switch off, it will take time. Since you work in a mall, I don't think management would listen. But think of the positives, you are lucky you work in a place there is music. Try to look for positives.Ultimately, if you can't deal with it, I guess you may wish to start looking for a role in a quieter environment.
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