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Results with Celexa?

I have been prescribed Celexa for a bad case of anxiety and depression, likely caused from all of the anxiety. Like most people I thought that my anxiety symptoms were health related issues, I mean, why would I be anxious? I have a good life, a great job, a fantastic wife, I have nothing to be anxious about.

After a couple weeks of panic attacks and the most annoying anxiety symptoms I started talking with a therapist who recommended I give Celexa a try.

I just thought I would share what I have been going through the past couple of weeks and see if you had any suggestions on how to deal with this until the Celexa kicks in. Below is a journal that I have kept on my phone.  

Any insights or stories would be super helpful. Thanks!


Day 5: monday maybe the worst panic attack I've had since the plane. Depressed all day about this bullllll. Took a lorazepam at work.

Day 6: Tuesday almost one full week on celexa. Extremely tired and drowsy. Hit me at around 2 olock. Took a loraz in the am before my Therapy session. Took the celexa at normal time. Around 830 had some stomach cramps.

Day 7: Wednesday. Woke up with a bad feeling. Took Maggie (my dog) for a walk and was feeling a little off. Wife is also stressed out BC of work, I wish I could be better for her right now, I'm trying. Its 830 now and all I am thinking about is when I get to go to bed.
I may be hungry but can't really bring myself to eat. That may be why I am so low energy. Who knows.
9am panic attack when I got to work. Took a lorazapam. Stood in the downstairs bathroom for awhile.

Day 8: Thursday. Woke up at 6am sweating. Couldn't get back to sleep. Took a lorazapam at 8am. By 2pm I took another. No appetite today. Banana apple and pistachios for breakfast and almost a whole pb&j for lunch. Super on edge. Made the mistake of googling. Now I can't get these thoughts out of my head. Everyone is so sad. I'm nervous that the second loraz will knock me out this afternoon. Wife has an event tonight and I hope that she's okay and that I'm okay. A little bouncy at the event tonight. Took celexa at 7pm. Headed back into Boston. Not much to eat today. Got a little panicky after the event. Ate 1/2 a burrito.

Day 9: Friday. Woke up 640 again. Unable to get back to sleep. So nervous about what kind of day its going to be. On top of all this panic and anxiety ******** I am all congested from allergies. Trying not to take a lorazapam, worried I may become dependent. At 930 I took a lorazapam. Feeling so "bouncy". Ended up going home early. Wife helped talk me down a bit. Learned more about what other people went through, feeling motivated to continue. Ate a half a bowl of soup and a couple bites of a sandwich. Came home and had a tomato and watermelon juice. 645: felt okay. A little anxious but nothing too crazy. Mostly just anxious about tomorrow and how ill feel being alone and being away from the wife for the day. Had a full dinner. Terrible nights sleep. Felt very relaxed before bed until around 1am when my body started shaking and every time I would breathe in it felt like my heart stopped beating. Ended up taking a loraz to try and calm down. Its helped a little bit.

Day 10: Saturday woke up at 830 with slight anxiety. It passed as the day went on. Took Maggie for a long walk and I felt pretty good after. Spent a lot of the day on the couch. Its 645 now and I'm feeling a little light headed. Didn't eat much today. Very dizzy right now. Getting a spinning feeling. Took the celexa and about an hour later felt really tired and light headed. Felt like i got hit by a truck. ended up taking a lorazapam and fell asleep around 930 or 10pm.

Day 11: Sunday woke up at 8am. Nervous about how I felt last night. Never want to feel that way again. Really hungry. Ate a little bit this morning. Had a celery juice. Its seems like I am only able to eat after 5 or 6 the past couple days. Super not looking forward to taking it tonight. Turns out I worried for no reason. Sunday night was pretty good. Had a couple hours of relaxation. Attempted sex with the wife, did not finish. I guess these are the sexual side effects...

Day 12: Monday morning normal anxiety. Had a juice and a banana. Took a lorazapam at around 830. Felt pretty good all morning. Ate a full bowl of soup for lunch. 2pm very tired and a little panicky, worried about becoming dizzy at work. In bed by 10pm

Day 13: Tuesday morning little to no morning anxiety. Got a bit dizzy at work before lunch. Took a loraz at noon. Had a fine day.

Day 14: Wednesday. Day 14. Took a loraz at 930, lots of nervous energy today. But feeling okay. Headed home for lunch. Relaxed Night. Asleep by 10pm.

Day 15: Thursday. Anxiety buzz in the morning. Holding off on taking a loraz. Much better than last week. But still not back at 100%. May just take a loraz just in case. 840 took a lorazapam. Feeling lots of "jitters". Had a migraine at night. And took an ibuprofen, had loads of stomach noises. Woke up at 240am due to some loud noises outside, eventually got back to sleep.

Day 16: Friday. Up at 630 and waited around in bed until 730. Still feeling the buzz of anxiety and can't stop obsessing about being dizzy. Luckily I have a short day today at work. Will probably end up taking a loraz at some point. The wife and I have scheduled massages for the afternoon
Hoping that will help relax me a bit. I leave for a work trip in a week and am very nervous about how I will feel by then. Talking with my PCP today about my progress and will ask about xanax for the plane. Tool loraz at 1030am. Still no word from Doc. Massage was great.feeling really relaxed. Also have a slight headache from the massage.

Day 17: Saturday. Normal day. Went to a party, felt a little shakey but otherwise okay. Took the Celexa a half an hour later. Had panic feelings at around 8pm. Took a lorazapam and was asleep by 10.

Day 18: Sunday. Normal day. Went record shopping. Relaxed.

Day 19: Monday another pretty normal day. Felt a little down in the dumps, stayed in bed awhile and watched TV. Hard a really tough nights sleep.

Day 20: Tuesday woke up very tired due to last night's sleep issues. Had some anxious body feelings. Had a therapy session at 9, helped me calm myself a bit but I took a loraz at around 1030 just to take the edge off. At 330 I had one of those weird vertigo moments like my head is spinning for a second, then it was over. The effects of it however lasted through the night. I couldn't stop thinking about it and what it could mean. Took my celexa an hour later than I normally do. Trying to take it at 10pm instead of at 7pm hoping that it will help me not wake up at 545 or 6 every morning. Another weird sensation I am getting is the restlessness and heavyness of my legs when I lay down to go to sleep.


That's where I am at. Have not noticed any difference yet in my anxiety.
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