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Ruptured Eardrum???????

OK so when i lay down soemtimes there is like a crackling sound and it doenst happen every night or everyday...but its a crackling sound when i swallow or move my jaw. then in the morning my ear is like wet and has some wet wax in it? im worried i have a ruputed ear drum? i dont reember it ever rupturing...or any really bad pain? the docs said i have fludi in my ear last april and they also said i had Labrynthisis?? but then i went to an ent and said that i could have never had that diease b/c i never had spinning dizziness...but now im worried i have a ruptured ear drum..it has been clicking and wet kinda a few times throughout the year and soo im super worried. its the ear that i lay on every night but idk if that makes a difference? any info would help?
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A ruptured ear drum tends to repair itself very quickly. Usually you would see some blood on your pillow as well.

A quick trip to the doctor can sort it out. They can see it, and let you know.  
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You asked the same question a week or two ago.....if you remain worried about what sounds like a very insignificant issue....why have you not gone to your doctor yet?  We can guess all day long what it "could be", but only a trip to your doctor will tell you for sure.

Call your doctor!
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I no i asked this question before and I apologize for reposting...I no I should just go to the doctor....sorry to bug you all again...I am just worried...thanks though...
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