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Ryan or anyone...ABILIFY?

Hey all.  So my doctor let me go back on Paxil because nothing else seems to work the same way.  He has also prescribed Abilify for my horrible anxiety and OCD.  Apparently, it's a medication for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia but he seems to think at the low dosage he prescribed (2 mg.) that it will help to "calm my brain down" and my OCD thoughts.  The paxil is for my anxiety and I have Klonopin for my "freak out" times which are quite often lately.  Anyway, just wondering if anyone has had any experiences, side effects, with Abilify.  Thanks!!
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Thank goodness for you, Ryan. I am quite alarmed by the amount of posts that I've been reading from people whose physicians are putting them on antipsychotics when a medication with a much safer side effect profile is indicated and their diagnosis is for things like OCD and anxiety.

Once I saw tardive dyskinesia, it frightened the hell out of me...Clearly, no one should take an antipsychotic unless their condition warrants it.

I blame this increase in usage on the pharmaceutical companies for their cross promotion of this class of drugs to other specialties other than psychiatry.
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What a horrible story! I can't believe she prescribed that to you for insomnia. I'm so glad to be out of that industry now as ethically I wouldn't be able to participate in that type of cross-selling if I was an Astra pharmaceutical rep.

I thought that the package insert had to be included in every sample box or packet. That omission alone is against policy.

Caveat emptor rules supreme...
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That was a disturbing story Ryan.  Just imagine if you were not who you are?  I CAN imagine the Seroquel being prescribed for insomnia because I've seen people talk about it here and the depression forum.

Speaking of Thorazine.  I was in a behavioral unit for depression in 1988.  One of the patients got the hicups one afternoon and the staff gave her Thorazine!!  Then, she had to sit in group while she drooled and nodded out.  This freaked me out and I asked if she could go and lay down.  NO!  She needed to attend group.  This was the most distressing thing I had ever seen at that point in my life.  
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Again, an equally appalling story. It just saddens me so much, especially in the mental health field, what continues to occur as to mismanagement of patients.

Thank goodness for forums like this, especially when we have educated individuals sharing accurate information for others to read.  Hopefully, the info. aids in the management of their own health or in the health of their loved ones.

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