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On 23rd August 2015 I went to my local physician due to stomach bloating & tenderness. He prescribed Metronidazole plus along with Normaxin RT capsules & a bowel-reliever Ishapgula powder. After four days of taking the medicines I was having heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dry mouth after taking the night dosage ( 1 a day) of Normaxin RT. Then for two days I discontinued taking them. May be I got confused or something I again took the dosage of Normaxin RT on the next night. Now trouble increased severely. I started having severe heart palpitations, blue palm, short breath. So I compeletly stopped taking any medicines. However from next day I was having short-breathness & occasional yawning which is continuing till today as I type. Is it due to the side-effects of Normaxin RT which I took for the last time on 1 August 2015 night ?? How many days does the side-effects stay ? Till 1st Aug 2015 I have consumed 7 Normaxin RT capsules 1 per day.Kindly advice any medicine/way to stop this.
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