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SLEEPING PROBLEM & Erectile dysfunction?

Please help! I'm 28 years old and have been masturbating frequently for as long as I remember (13 years), on average I'm guessing at least twice a day sometimes less or more. The problem I am facing over the past (8) years or so it has been very difficult to achieve an erection.  I've had weak/soft erections on a regular basis, while mastrubating.  I am a Virgin. I am worrying about my post marriage sexual relationship because of this erectile dysfunction. I'm finding it a possibility that I'll be unable to perform and I think the stress/depression is making it worse. I can't have a solid erection during masturbation.  Only occasionally in the morning waking up will I have a decent erection, and even then it seems softer/weaker than past.  I haven't had a rock hard erection for years.  I'm scared to death now that after 28 years I'm finally having sex and won't be able to enjoy it, or even perform at all.   Is this permanent?  If I stop masturbation, which I'm pretty sure I'm capable of doing, for a period of time and then lessen masturbation in the future.. will the chemicals balance themselves out again and I can achieve a firm erection?  or is this permanent damage that has been done that will require some kind of drugs? I am having sleeping problem. I consulted a psychiatrist and had he given me (Trikka or Anxit), sleeping tablets. I could sleep only while I take this medicine. So I stopped taking this and consulted a psychologist. He told me that I am having avoidant personality disorders, which have started in my childhood days. Is this the cause for anxiety or sleeplessness or erectile dysfunction? Whom should I consult; treatment and what are the treatment duration for this? If so, then I have to search an eminent psychologist. If I get good sleep, then erectile dysfunction is okay?
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To think I am eating my dinner reading this. There is nothing wrong with masturbation. I would imagine you found yourself unable to get hard and imagined the worst. Why you couldn't get hard. And your mind gave you all the answers. To back up what it thought was the right causes. Thus making it a frequent problem. Whereas, if you had of maybe thought of a few ideas as to why this could be occuring and didn't think negative about it, the problem wouldn't have become as bad. You are obsessed with it. Which wouldn't help. It is common to wake up hard in the morning. Morning wood as they call it. You get that way as you sleep. Stops you urinating as you sleep. The whole picture would lead to the lack of sleep. Depressed over not been able to get your hard on and the worry would all lead to no sleep, etc, etc. Good therapist should be able to put you right as far as your thinking on the matter is concerned.
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First of all there is nothing wrong with masterbation, BUT your really want to ask yourself are you masterbating to avoid ................(fill in the blank). if not then have fun and enjoy,

Also you say you can stop at anytime, well then stop for awhile, I am pretty sure if you have been masterbating at once to twice per day, in quick time your body will get back to where you want to be.

we seem to forget that repeating the same thing over and over again CAN GET OLD!

take a run if you start getting the feeling to masterbate, but please take it one step at a time, give yourself a month or two (NO MASTERBATION) and see what comes up! (pun intended) also if you feel you can't wait that long, then see a Dr. because then there may be a problem, not with getting a erection, but with inner feels! good luck , keep us posted.
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