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SO tired of having ANXIETY EVERYDAY

ok i don't think this is normal.I have anxiety everyday for 2 years now not 1 day goes by that i don't have anxiety but right now i'm so lost and depressed about my anxiety i don't know what to do i have tried 4 meds already recently just got off of zoloft after only being on it for 8 days i was dizzy and nauseas for the whole 8 days it's been 2 weeks since i stopped i feel like since i started that med my anxiety is worst idk who knows.I WISH THEY MAKE THE ANTI MED LIKE XANAX ONCE U TAKE IT U FEEL GREAT .Of course not that means the peolpe that makes the medicine won't make any money. Does any1 have anxiety like me everyday.I'm probably the only person.SIGH just so sick of this crazy body symptoms.I so much wanna feel normal.Is there anything that i can take for hormones being off balance i think thats why my anxiety is really bad right now idk.I'm just so lost right now.Thanks for reading please any input would be appreciated.

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Hey Nikki

I have had anxiety for about a year now. It all started out of the blue and I have no idea what causes it or why I have it what may set it off etc. I went to see someone who specializes in it and he didn't help too much. So if you have a good psychiatrist stay otherwise,you might want to find one who's better for you. I decided I did not want meds. who wants meds all that time and the side affects. Anyways. I now exactly what you are feeling like. I felt completely sick all the time for probably about 8 months straight every day nothing helped. I felt sick,tired all the time,weak,no energy,nauseous,shaky,light headed,dizzy and this horrible feeling in my head that didn't happen every day,which I just recently found out,thanks to this site,is called depersonalization. I don't know if you have that,it's a dreamy disconnected nothings rel sorta feeling. Anyways,I got over my bodily symptoms,I was doing this before but my doctor toold me how you had to overcome these things. You have to mentally become stronger. I'm not gonna lie it is hard but I cannot believe how much BETTER I feel compaired to just a month ago. dare for these attacks to happen. If you are afraid to go out somewhere because you don't want to have an attack or you feel to sick to go you have to make yourself. this way you are setting your mind to not pay attention to these symptoms so eventually instead of automatic panic you will over ride it. It probably took me about 5 months to get the where even if I felt sick,I would force myself to do it. Now the only thing I have is that depersonalization,which is bad but I'm working on that now. I hope this helps!! I don't know if you've already tried this but if you have keep it up and don't give up! I know what it's like to just cry and give up hope of everything and I know what it's like to go to doctors and all you want to hear is Oh you have this instead of you are perfectly healthy,but trust me you're not alone and that's one reason this site is so great! Lemme know if I can help! I thing I also did was when I mentally overcame something I would kinda praise myself. It sounds dumb  but saying see you're stronger you can do it helps! Just know you're not alone and you can overcome this and don't ever give up. I almost did and I know it's hard but life is beautiful and wonderful and you can win! Hope I helped!  
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I just started having these and it is daily.  I did go on medication and it seems to have helped it a little but I do know that mentally I have to overcome this.   I have them sometimes for no reason at all, I force myself to go to work and do the things I enjoy.  I do have them but I just keep telling myself it is just an anxiety attack and I will be fine.  It is hard and sometimes I just get angry but I do keep trying.  They have me on Zoloft and it is helping but I have a friend that is on one that she takes only when she feels them coming on.  I will have to find out the name of it.  I hope we both over come this.  I still have them daily but they pass quicker and I have found things that take my mind off of them so they don' t come as often.  My doctor has told me that exercise, sleep and healthy food choices will help.  I have had to give up everything with caffine in it.  I am currently try to quit smoking but I have to change things in moderation so it does not put my body in more anxiety.   We can beat this and life will be good again!!!
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thx so much for your kind and helpful tools.I do try very hard to just accept and float with it sometimes it works sometimes it's so severe it doesn't work.And yes i do get depersonalization all the time i hate it too.Makes u feel crazy like not notmal sometimes.I hope we can beat this crap together.Thx again
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Thank you for responding so quickly .How long have u been on zoloft and what dosage? i was on 25 mil but i cut it in half so it's 12.5 i did it for 8 days than i couldn't stand the dizziness and nausea the pharmacist said if it doesnt subside after 4 to 5 days than it's probably not the right meds,I'm still dizzy even though i have been off of it for 2 weeks already.I do have xanax in case but i don't want to keep taking it cuz it's so addicted.I know i need to get out more cuz i havent worked over 2 years was laid off thats how my anxiety started everyday.Plus other stress related.I hope we can beat this craziness symptoms together.

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I know what you mean,but instead of floating with  the anxious feelings,fight them. Like I said it will be hard but it's a lot better than being on medication forever. I'm still trying to get rid of the head feeling too. Any suggestions on what you do with yours??? It's not really a thing you can just shake off. If it happens when I'm driving,i'll get a song I know by heart and sing really loudly with it so i'm concentrating on that but other times I'm just lost and it makes me feel horrible! Is yours aggravated by noise at all?? Just wondering cause when I have that feeling a lot of noise makes it worse.
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pretty much i just lay down chew mint gum drink cold water and just lay there.It's hard but yeah i do know what u mean..And oh YES noise bothers me so much i don't even want to hear my little ones talking to me or the sound of tv or any sound at all.Just wanna be left alone.So ur not alone at this i get it all the time.SIGH i hope we can beat this together .I wish there was 1 magic pill that we can just take and all goes away.Nice dream huh.lol
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Perhaps you can talk with the doctor that prescribed the zoloft and discuss your response to it.  Maybe he can prescribe another medication that doesn't have the side effects.  Keep in mind that these medications act on our nervous systems and do so at a time when they are 'out of wack', so you have to anticipate that there will be effects and they will be amplified due to our nervous system sensitivity.  Side effects usually subside and we need to give the  meds time to work.  This is a unavoidable downside to them but in the end it's worthwhile.
An antidepressant is the better choice for long term control of anxiety over xanax.
Also keep in mind that dizzyness and nausea are also symptoms of anxiety/depression so sometimes it's hard to say whats meds side effects and what's symptoms of your illness.
Anxiety disorder is like any other severe illness.  We can't just ignore it and wish it away, nor stick our heads under our pillow and blame ourselves for causing it.  Getting good treatment and sticking with it until we're satisfied with the results is the tried and true method for dealing withit.  You can do this as many of us here  have.
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having this and has the noise make it worse! It seems for me lately the feeling will come like every 2-3 weeks and I'll have it for about 4-7 days off and on during those days and then it will leave. I hate it when i'm driving and ill look down at the speed and back up and you are hit by it.  I wish I could just lay in a room all alone with no noise but unfortanatley,that's not always possible. I just try to give myself a little bing in the head that i'm not in a dream like i'll kinda slap my leg. My head also feels dizzy with it. I just want to lie down and cry but Ik know I can make it through this and having this site really helps. I'm sooo thankful that I don't have the anxiety like I did,but of course this feeling brings back that panic. I just try to fight it off but you can't always do that,and being 18 there's always stuff I want to go do or have to do and this just makes everything harder! I wish there were doctors who understood this and could help!!!
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I know how you guys feel I been having Anxiety for 3 years now it started when my brother past away. It's hard dealing with all the crazy systoms I feel like im having a heart attack and like I'm going crazy. I take meds but I really don't like taking them, and it's not just affecting me it's affecting my wife causesometimes I just feel so tired and I dont want to do anything. But it's true sometimes you just got to push through it and beat it but it's hard. Im just tired of felling this way I get so angry and I know it's all in my head. Hope you girls get through it take care.
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Ah I totally understand what you mean. I have had panic attacks/social anxiety/agrophobia for 5 years now... Its insane.
I just went of off Zoloft and I feel like my head is spinning all the time... its nuts. So now Im back on it and I still feel nuts......I think it might take a while to work.
When I was on it... i did better. Not 100% of course but little by little.
My psych told me that after 2 weeks the meds start working. So I have to hold on.
I hate this... I hate living my life in fear...
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I'm glad i'm not the only one gosh i just hate these crazy body symptoms.Everytime i have a severe i always think what if what if this time it;s not anxiety i know i need to think positive but it's hard sometimes.I hope we can beat this together take care
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I have had anxiety for about 14 years and the only time I haven't really had it is when I was pregnant so I too think mine is hormone related. I have been on every medication that you can think of and just recently back on Celexa after having my baby six months ago because the anxiety came back. Its tough to deal with but being on a good antidepressant helps and talking with others about how your feeling...It can be rough but can be overcome. Hang in there and talk to your OB at your next appointment or with your family doctor or both. Sometimes anxiety can be from something medical like diabetes, hyperthyroid, etc. Have you had bloodwork? It is genetic as well.
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And I just realized your post was like 3 years ago now. So hope things have gotten better for you by now! :)
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I'm Luke 28yr old and have a better half. Iv been trying to live with depression for 2yr now. I do stupid things to take my mind of it for that split minute. Iv self harmed more than once to relieve the pressure. I never recommend to try it as its a cowards way to stop pain. I'm on matazpine 45mg  which I believe don't work. Iv has several doctors and people to help me with what I feel and think but they all don't understand.  
I'm the lad who puts on that fake smile the fake laugh just to hide what is living inside me. It's like I'm two different people. I don't open up to my g.f. As I believe it's my own problem and also she didn't full in love with the depressed Luke. The depression is killing are relationship in every way. I'm more hart broken to think iv got everything I want but I can't hold on to it. It's like my life is slipping away before my eyes.
I have a full time job which I battle to hold down daily. I just wish I could get better but whatever I do or how hard I try it never works.
I often try to sleep as this blokes out my pain. I'm a 28yr old man with the world at his feet but I wish the world would swallow me up
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I feel the same exact way for the past week ive had anxiety and every time I eat I feel nauseous but I don't end up throwing up or dry heaving its driving me crazy not feeling normal and idk what to do about it.
Nausea can be low blood sugar, hormones, what you eat, etc.  Try not to be anxious over it because it is likely nothing serius.  If you have anxiety, what about talking to your doctor about that? Anything going on in your life right now that is different or stressful?
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