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To: dolfinlvr
I believe that is the "full version" of your medhelp nickname? Anyway, I thank you for your very thoughtful insight and sharing your own experiences and opinions with me. I concur with what you say. I learned quite a bit about my own condition after 14 years of the onset of MVP, PVC's and breakthrough PSVT. Of source, I don't want to bore you with my problems. I just figure that like other forums and sites I've been to, especially,when this all  started in 1992, I learned quite a bit from many others afflicted with the same issue(s). I also learned much about my own condition over the years and I also am no doctor by any stretch of the imagination either. Even after 14 years you've think you learned all there is to learn, not so. Because I am always finding new or innovations in either medicines and treatment options. I am very curious about cyro-ablation vs. RF-ablation. Even though it is still in it's infancy and I have been on the fence for 12 of those 14 years about an EP study and ablation but after reading more horror stories than pleasant stories or outcomes of people following "multiple" ablations, I never got the guts to pursue that option. I figure if I can put up with them for 14 years coming and going and I they haven't killed me yet, why open a can of worms! At the same time it would be nice to get off the meds that are just reducing the symptoms or/and frequency since I wonder what it would be like to feel NORMAL again at even at 53 since "combination" of the meds. that have ONLY offer me essentially just a band-aid approach are NOT worth the side-effects. I don't know why my GP has put me on an SNRI when I am NOT really depressed but more anxious and prone to GAD and occasionally a seldom panic attack. I guess they want me to try and avoid taking Benzos on a regular basis with my Tenormin. I need both, unfortunately. I tried ALL the SSRI's and found that I still have breakthrough anxiety, tremors, constipation, Chronic Insomnia, and some of them even agitated me more! Anyway, I have reviewed and compared all the SSRI's /SNRI's and how they affect me and it seems that ONLY Paxil XR , Zoloft were the best for me, and believe it not, Cymbalta that I was just on and only went off because of the severe Constipation and Insomnia mainly but it never seem to bother or exacerbate my PVC's, even though that affects both neurotransmitters,  norepinephrine AND serotonin. So,I wonder if I should go back to that or just revert back to Paxil ER or Zoloft, and the LOW doses I was taking, that seem to help. Ironically, Paxil, Effexor, Zoloft, among others are said to prolong the QT interval, which could also be a factor for excitation of these foci and in my case a probable bypass tract, which I know is highly amenable to ablation but for PVC's NOT so much as my two doctor relatives have told me,as well as, my cardiologist, especially if they are coming from the left side of the heart. So, it is unlikely had I opted for ablation, I will cure both the PSVT and the multi-form/focus PVC's and I don't know what feels worse! The runs of PVC's are still alarming to me, I have to admit even after 14 years. I become callused to them but NOT totally. Well, I would like to add you to my friend list, if that's ok and we can talk more. Yes, you are absolutely right about coming here and getting reassured that "benign" PVC's and the like are more common than you think and that alone gives the sufferer piece of mind.

Thanks again Pal..
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