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Safe to take Lexapro and Cymbalta together?

Hey all, reeeaaally in need of some guidance here...

I am a 36 year old male. I started Lexapro exactly 1 month ago.  I started with 5mg and am now up to 10mg (for the past 3 weeks).  My depression is gone (yay!), but my generalized anxiety problem has gone thru the roof. I feel like i'm going to explode - all day! My psych prescribed Cymbalta because of this. 30mg.  I've taken it in the past and had pretty good results (I really should never have come off of it, but i had a false sense of security since i was feeling so great :)). She said it was safe for me to continue on the Lexapro for 10 days and then another 5 days cutting it in half and then quitting.  But she wants me to start the Cymbalta immediately. So 2 desperate questions:

1. I've read everywhere on the internet that its not safe to take the 2 different meds together.  But she's a trained professional and says it will be ok (she mentioned something about how small my dosages are).

2. Have I given the Lexapro enough time? I have some klonipin to get me thru a couple of weeks of the anxiety, but it's BAD anxiety and generalized.  Should I try and push thru a couple more weeks without doing the transition to Cymbalta and see if the Lexapro anxiety stops?

Thanks a ton for any help!
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as far as taking the two together,  call your pharmacist - they are very good with that sort of stuff.   Just to double check your doc's advice :)
Some people say AD's can take 4-8 weeks to see the benefit.  If you're not feeling real horrible and the klonopin is helping with the anxiety for the time being.... maybe give it a couple more weeks.  If it were me and after that amount of time and you're still seeing high or even more anxiety,  I'd probably switch to something else.
Again,  call your pharmacist about the two AD's at the same time deal.
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