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Scared of brain abscess

So I have severe hypochondria (health anxiety) and I am so so scared of getting a brain infection/brain abscess. I have heard one of the ways of this happening is by an infection in the ear. Now about a month ago I had Otitis Externa (outer ear infection) which was really painful and took about 2 weeks to completely clear up. I have really itchy ears at the moment because I have eczema inside so I am hoping thats all it is. I am scared that maybe there is a bit of infection left in the ear that didn't completely clear up and that it will go to my brain. I know this sounds silly but im so so scared. I feel pressure in my head sometimes and feel like something bad is happening :( is there a high chance there is??
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I am not a doctor.  But I do have a bit of common sense.  I have never even heard of a brain infection, and that tells me how rare they must be.  Go to the doctor and get the tests done anyway, just so you can feel better knowing that you have a healthy brain. :-)  Blu
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I do have to say that I can relate to your concerns and to your hypochondria.  The internal workings of the human body are scary enough to think about, and then to suffer from anxiety and hypochondria makes it a double problem.

The brain has a lining that protects it from many many diseases and thousands of people including small children have very painful ear infections and never suffer from brain infections.

In our culture we are terrified by the thought of death or the loss of control that we have with our bodies most of the time.  I am wondering if you are in counseling or have a therapist that you can talk to about your fears.  

If you feel that you are still suffering from a brain infection, please go back to your physician for a full checkup and tell him/her what brings you in with your concerns.

Good luck to you

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thank you both very much for taking the time to reply, it helped greatly! I am seeing a psycologist to help me with the anxiety. Many thanks!
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Kuddos, and Congrats yo you! Some wold say "better then other experience" so I have been told! Let us know how it is going!  xoxoxo!
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Whatever you ask, is your command! Watch at least "The Secret" amongst others as you in a very difficult/lacks of TIME AND SPACE??

I have never heard about those symptoms lIking with each other?

No being rude, obviously get the 'ABSCESS" checked and if all is good to would consider meditation, relaxation, etc. At best get a 2nd opnion! And maybe think of CBT or ant other modality, whatever works! good luck my dear and Namaste!
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