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Scared to eat

Ive barely eaten in the past few weeks because im so scared that if i eat that i will get sick and vomit. i have a bit of a vomit phobia. it sounds stupid but i cant eat. i always feel nauseous but im guessing its because i havent really eaten. anyone know what im going through? any advice? id really like to avoid losing anymore weight. im underweight as it is right now.
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you should have more of a fear for dying. chew winterfresh/experiment gum until you build and urger to eat...drink lots of water...and your feeling should change..but eat lite. you body responds to your thought; if yo say you'll be sick then you'll be sick.
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yea..i havent had a problem with my phobia in years. in fact, when i was younger..21-22..i threw up a lot from the drinking i was doing. im very frustrated that my phobia came back for whatever reason. its very annoying and it really affects my life. i feel sick all the time so i never want to go out for fear that i might throw up. i have an appt with a psychiatrist on october 8th...hoping i can figure out why my phobia came back out of nowhere. i thought i was done with it for good but i guess not. ive been living off of crackers, chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, and bananas. all bland, easy to digest foods.
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Also take a good multivitamin while you are in this phase, just so you won't harm your body (any more than you are already) with such a reduced diet.  
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It sounds like the root cause of your anxiety has never been dealt with, and this is why it has returned.  Normally our anxiety is caused from an unresolved traumatic event in our past that we never dealt with, and it reappears as anxiety and/or depression.  It's good that you are seeing a psychiatrist to get help with this, it has to be weighing heavily on you. Your phobia isn't stupid, it's real and  needs to be addressed, don't beat yourself up over this!  But at least you're eating something, and for a few weeks you'll be fine, just make sure you're getting plenty of fluids.  I wish you all the best, and stay strong it will all work out.  Take care!
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Forgot to add........ eat small amounts every few hours, this is easier on you by keeping hunger away.
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thats what i try to d. i try to at least eat some crackers or a few small bites of food every so often. im tapering off xanax at the moment too so i dont know if that has something to do with the severe anxiety and stomach issues ive been dealing with. im just scared all the time. i feel like im going to lose my mind.
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I'm having the same problem right now...about a month ago I was smoking (marijuana) and I got the munchies real bad and I ate soooo much food and then a lot of cereal then I threw it all up in my bathroom. I've never been a person to vomit a lot...I've only done so like 4 times in my life over spaced out periods of time so I don't like the feeling at all. Now I'm kinda afraid to eat because I feel like I'm gonna throw up in public or whatever the case may be. I'll be hungry and then I'll sit down to eat and I'll nibble then I'll be full then I'll feel kinda nauseated. It's really scaring me because I thought I had a problem but I'm pretty sure it's just a mental block. Anyone know of a few tricks to get me back in the swing of things? Eat lightly and see that nothing's gonna happen and then start from there?
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