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Scared to go on drugs

I saw my psychologist today and she has said that i should see my GP to talk about getting some prescription drugs, i thought i was getting better but this week went backwards I'm scared to go on medication because of all the things you hear and how hard it is to come off it, but i have to go back to work sooner or later. I have been off work for 3 months and need to start making money again and find some routine in my life. I'm just scared it will change my personalty also i have been meditating most days and don't wont it to effect this because i think that is what will help me in the long term.
Any advise people? (Holistic VS DR ) Has anyone hear gotten over this without drugs?

PS St John's wort made me worse my body was relaxed but my mind was still panicky, a bit like being on dope (marijuana)  
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Number 1, you are not the only person who would be afraid of medication and all the supposed side effects that are meant to come with this tablet and that tablet. But if you read the leaflet it does say ' Some users who took these tablets experienced '. Now that might have been 2 out of 100. But because it happened to the user only after they might have began taken a certain form of medication, it must be added on the leaflet as a possible side effect. On the otherhand, if 100 people all reported the same problem after taken the same form of medication, then I think we could say, without a doubt, that it was a side effect of the tablet. But what might effect one person might not effect another person. Let me tell you that I hate tablets. Always been told off by my Doctor for not wanting to take what is on offer. As in, it is my own fault come the end of the day that I am as bad as I am because I am refusing the medication. My problem? I read about the side effects in advance and it scares me off the tablets. But in logic there are that many side effects that I know would not come into play. Yet it can still put you off wanting to go near the tablet. Alternative option? Suffer when you don't have to suffer. In other words by refusing those tablets I am opting to suffer. Then I turn around and moan about what I am going through. By right I have nobody to blame but myself.

As for addictive tablets? There are a few out there. But not all forms of tablets are the same. Have a chat with your doctor. Explain that you have to be able to work during the day. Tell him / her about your fears surrounding addictive forms of medication. You will know if medication is addictive by reading the leaflet that comes with it. If it states that you should not be on that form of medication for longer than X amount of weeks, then it is an addictive drug.

Good luck with whatever option you decide to go with.
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I was scared of medication too, but the difference between you, I, MrGreen, and everyone else is the fact that we are AWARE of the side effects/dangers.

Most people who are addicted to ativan, xanax, or etc. weren't told how addicting the drugs can be or how they can change your life. By being concerned you obviously don't have an addicting personality.

I have a prescription to ativan and it has helped me greatly. In fact, I regret not taking it sooner. I only take a pill when necessary or when I know my day is going to get hectic. I've had the prescription for a month and I've taken two pills altogether and those were split.

Drugs can be harmful, but you have the right mindset. You control the medication... don't let it control you.
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I was terrified of medication..Completly terriefeid, I stared at a script bottle for a month, then I took it, and about 3 weeks later i was feeling alot better already. The best thing to do is NOT look at side effects, Thats what gets all of us, The medication will not kill you, Its always a little rough in the first week, and u can tell pretty fast wither a medication is write for you, And yes i kno it sucks to think about a medication not being write for you but i've tried 4 now and everytime i switch it gets easier, I had a bad reaction to cymbalta, and i figured it out in about 3 days, Yes it was scary and it sucked but if u feel like ur haven a bad reaction go to the ER they can give u stuff to make it all better like they did me..lol..I could barley walk when i left, but i was lauging and then i slept like a freakin baby...hahha.. I know its hard to look at the bright side write now, but if u don't look atleast some of it u'll never get better..Ur pysic doc shouuld be the one perscibing you meds, U kno there are so many different ones for differnt chemicals in ur brain, I 've tried 4 differents ones for 4 different chemicals. its all trtying to see what WOrks with you. most pills don't cause addiction, though they can have some withdrawl symptoms. Its the xanxa and the ativan that u have to worry about causing the addiction. Most ppl only take those when they are so bad they can't handle it. I have xanxa but its for emergencies only.. Just remember everything will bo ok.. Were all here for you,. and if something scares u, have ur docotr check it out, theres nort shame in wanting to make sure ur healthy, I've had every test under the son..And u kno what it all = ANXIETY..Sucks yes I kno, but its something We have to learn to deal with.
I'm here if u need to talk
god bless
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My experience with anxiety and the problems with it, caused me to be happy to know there was something I could do about it.  If you need it, you need it.  We all have our fears, but mine were far worse frm not taking any medication.  You might want to try it for awhile and see if it works.  It seems with you not being able to work and so forth that you have reached an ultimatium.  Perhaps you can move forward to the solution.  Good luck
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I know from personal experience that the worst thing you can do is stay at home not working. I did the same thing for 3 months and all it did was keep me inside my tortured mind. Going on meds is scary and sometimes I think people think of it as being a failure if you do go on meds. I think it is very courageous because you are trying to do everything you can to get well. Just because you go on meds does not mean you can't meditate. I am on meds and meditate. Use every tool in the arsenal from meds to meditation,to yoga, etc. Personally, I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist vs a GP as I feel a psych doc has more knowledge about meds than most GPs. Ask you psychologist if he/she can recommend one.If not maybe you are lucky enough to have a GP who is more knowlegeable than others. Have you ever heard of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It is a program that is based on meditation. You can do a search on the web by pluggin in MBSR. I also suggest a book by Jon Kabat Zinn (he developed MBSR) called "Full Catastrophe Living." Jon Kabat-Zinn developedthe University of Massachusetts Medical Centers Stress Reduction Clinic.  Another book that uses principles of MBSR is "Calming Your Anxious Mind" by Jeffrey Brantley, MD.
I was lucky enough to be able to attend MBSR in my home town led by  a MBSR trained person. It helped me tremendously and it continues to help me every day. Good Luck.
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Trust me you are not alone in feeling the way you do.  I am a recovering alcoholic, and the last thing I wanted was to be dependent on anything.  I thought at first I could do it naturally (yoga, meditation, walking, eating healthy, vitamins etc) but nothing really took it away.  I must say it aleveated it minimally.  I was honest with my Dr. about becoming dependent on pills, and he reasured me that it was necessary.  He put me on a low dose of Ativan 1mg.  At first I had to cut the pill in half because of the effect, but I can now tolerate 1mg without feeling funny, and it relieving the anxiety.  I must tell you recently it seems my body needs more, and through this website learned there are other medicines out there to suit me.  I felt like I was turning into a pill popper unconsciously, but have learned that I'm not going crazy and I am not alone.  I wish you good luck in your journey for wellness!
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Thanks to every one for there support this web site is the only place i fell understands what I'm going though its good to find people who have or are going though the same thing as me even though you may be on the other side of the world its still comforting. Thanks Again
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u are soooooo welcome..were all here for you...
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If I can find a medicine that helps and keeps me free  from Anxiety...I'll take it forever.  Its's not worth feeling this crapping the rest of my life.   Nana
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If I can find a medicine that helps and keeps me free  from Anxiety...I'll take it forever.  Its's not worth feeling this crapping the rest of my life.   Nana
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I just wish there were more people that would respond with some positive findings.  That they have gone through this found a good med. and that it does happen if we just stick in here.  I think we need more of this....nana
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Don't be scared.  I have been on all kinds of meds - and I was scared too.  If you have to go off of an antidepressant - your doc will taper you and you will most likely feel nothing.  I cold turkey quit mine and I got real dizzy, but that was the worst of my "withdrawal" symptoms.  My friend went off this month after 2 years (Lexapro) and he had absolutely no problem.  I hate taking meds - but I will b/c I have to.  Use them as a means to an end, and then maybe you can perfect your meditation to the point that you can taper off meds!  Be positive, don't let anyone scare you about anti-anxiety meds.  If you have the holistic mindset - then you won't use them incorrectly anyway.  That's me - I take EXACTLY as directed by a psychiatrist and do my own research as well.  Trust yourself:)
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Believe me, u r not alone in ur fears. I'm going thru the samething. I've been prescribed Celexa but havent taken it. Too scared of side effects. Everybody keeps telling me to just take it but I cant do it. Its been over three months now and I'm desperate to feel better. But too scared at the same time. Dont know what to do. Let me know how everything turns out for u.
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dont be afraid of the meds I am bi polar and I have to take my head meds for the rest of my life plus synthroid I feel great.  the pills are definatly worth taking to feel better and not feel like **** as nana said I take my pilss and get on with life.
Love Venora
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Just saw my psychologist today he proscribed me Kama, 0.5mg tablets i think it might be xanax it is a alprazolam. Does anybody know if this is xanax i live in Australia so we have different names for meds.
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