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Scared to sleep

Ok so this has been getting worse and worse for nights in a row i've woken up to heart/chest pain and shortness of breath before going to bed as well as waking up with it lasting several hours. I've had multiple Ekg's that turned out just fine and even told one more recently was GREAT. I'm so scared that I will not wake up or that even with the tests done that this may be a heart problem. Can any one relate? Does anxiety sound like the culprit? I guess I'm just trying to look at this more logically. If we are scared to sleep then going to sleep facing our fears could cause panic attacks while asleep thus waking up with chest/heart pain couldn't it? I just don't know. Anyone willing to shed some light on this rocks. I would greatly appreciate it.
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I have had that for a long time and yes anxiety is the culprit and it ***** I feel exactly the same way
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Cool, thank you so much blessednloved09. It is very reassuring to know that anxiety is the culprit for this. It's crazy! I wake up to my heart hurting and aching and it's like instantly in my head heart attack! It's hard to accept anxiety can do so much to us physically isn't it? Take care and I hope you get your anxiety under control to start feeling better. Thank you for your response.
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Hey hun. Sorry that you going thru this.
But your so not along. I did an still am going thru this. It's frying better as I keep being reassurance that I'm ok.

I know how you feel it's called nocturnal anxiety. When you have anxiety attacks in your sleep. I dont have them that much but I did..

And if you have had the work up try to take that and think "I had the test done it say I'm fine I'm ok it's just my anxiety".. Though have to try to relax before you go to sleep and stay calm when it do happen..

I'm also afraid to sleep sometimes still but if we don't get good rest it will/could make anxiety worst. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And yes I know its hard to see it now but it really is.

I started taking lavender and chamomile baths or turning on the shower let it get hot and pour the lavender in the path of the shower and let it steam up get in and close your eyes and breath it in. it is a relaxing thing atleast it worked for me. You could put lavender and chamomile scented gels next to *** bed and it also relaxes you. Ut takes a couple of days to really work but it helped me alot.

I know it could come on even while not thinking about it but you can get thru it. Yes I still have nights that I don't want to go to sleep. But I know I have to to not have a very bad day the next day. I'm here to chat and I know you can get thru this. P.s. I'm doing this with no meds so it is possible..

Best wishes to you and I will part you get better.. I'm here for you hun.
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Hey there, that is sweet of you to reassure me. :) I'm sorry you are going through this to. It's called nocturnal anxiety? Do you ever wake up with chest pain? I'm scared that it is something called unstable angina which is an early warning sign of a heart attack. I have been tested in the past and more recently and everything has come back fine though.(thank god)Thank you so much on your information. Wow, i like your idea of using lavender and chamomile baths. Yes you are right if we don't sleep well it will only make our anxiety worse. Thank you so much Cntbreal. I'm here for you to if you ever need anyone to talk to...i'm on here alot anymore. This site has helped me alot. I hope you get better and get your anxiety completely under control. Take care.
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I am dealing with that right now.. I am always afraid to go to sleep and I have been having some chest pain the last couple of days which has me worried even more than normal... I just wish I could go back to how I was per-anxiety.. This has been a hell of a year since this all started I have had more testing done then I think I have in my whole life but I still don't believe them when they say everything is normal.. It's weird I just have a feeling something is wrong which sounds crazy I know but I can't help it.. I can never fall asleep and at night when I'm alone everything seems to get worse :( I drive myself crazy obsessing over everything to do with my health.. I just constantly want to go to the hospital just so they can reassure me that everything is normal and there is no need to worry.. I really hate living in complete fear everyday of my life I wouldnt wish anxiety on my worst enemy it has completely stolen my life and all I want is to feel better :(
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Oh no hun. Never think it sounds crazy. Trust me when I sat this I have been in the same boat since december. You sounds just like me. I have been to the er and dr so many times since then. Ekg 5, cardiologist with stress test (which was very scary and crazy and wouldn't do it again) blood test xray had stomach checked by specialist stool checked and the list goes on and on.

The only reason why I haven't been back to er is because I have found the test and reassurance don't work for me. I still think something is wrong with me they haven't found. When had thyroid checked.

Your not crazy hun your just full of anxiety. And it makes you feel this way. I said and keep saying the samething I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. And I just want my life back want to feel better.

Couldn't sleep couldn't eat didn't want to go to work didn't want to go to stores which for two months I didn't go to large stores as thats where I had my first panic attack so my fiance had to do the shopping which was hard because we either did it together our or me alone.

Didn't want to drive I can go on and on. But I'm saying this because your not alone I still worry about my health and I still f fear going to the store and I still don't want to work I'm short tempered because im do flustered with all this that I can't function.

I feel like how could I worry about what someone else us going thru when I'm suffering myself (I'm a medical and personal care asst) so this makes my job very hard to care for my patients whom are really sick. I have lost ask my patients with people and things and idk its just dealing hard hun I know and you have been suffering longer then me.

But all in all we are dying to deal with this and we can and will make out thru. Its going to be ok hun have faith and try to relax and stay calm when going they this. This is key my chest hurts and I have heart palpitations alot. your not alone I'm here for you..
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Omg sorry hun ment trying to deal with this.. Sorry for my misspelling.. I'm using my phone to comment... So sorry
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Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement... I too have been to a cardiologist, a GI doctor, the ER.. numerous test done I am becoming what they call a serial tester wanting every single test run until they know for sure there is absolutely nothing wrong with me... I know I am beyond frustrated with this anxiety and find it hard to function most days and it concerns me because I am a full time per-med student with a 4.0 gpa but I am fighting hard to keep that this semester because my anxiety has gotten so bad ... It's comforting to know there are people out there like you who are willin to listen even though you are going through the same thing... I have skipped beats an chest pain and I am convinced that it is not anxiety related I just know something else is wrong with me and being in the medical field makes me go insane waning to be tested for all kinds of crap that my doctor does see fit.. I am going to keep fighting this one day at a time and hopefully we can all get back to our old selves again... Sorry for the messiness I am on my phone
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Hey, i'm so sorry to hear you are going through this to. I would never wish this upon my worst enemy either. Do you ever wake up with chest pain? That is what i've been getting. I keep waking up thinking I'm having a heart attack. I wish I could go back to normal to. You are not alone! I never believe the Dr.s either no matter how many tests I get. These physical pains seem to real and threatening to just dismiss them as having anxiety. =/ No that sadly doesn't sound weird. I'm in the same boat and no matter what they say I have an overwhelming sense of doom that is just telling me it might be my time to die.That being said  I don't think anyone can function or be happy thinking everyday could be there last. If you've been tested and everything showed up fine then everything should be just fine. We need to tell ourselves that (easier said then done) All it comes down to is it's gotta be extreme anxiety. It makes everything ugly and by default we assume the worst case scenario possible. Do you know what triggers it? If not have you ever considered hypnotherapy? My ex gf pointed me in that direction and it doesn't sound half bad. They could probably dip into our subconcious and find out what is causing it; is what i'm thinking. Group therapy can help alot also. It pulled me out of severe social anxiety.Hope I helped. Hang in there and try to sleep well my friend. Have you tried doing stuff to help you relax before bed like drinking sleepy time tea? That helps me as well as lighting a scented candle and leaving it lit all night.
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get a chiro to check ur spine for compressed nervs
they helped me alot
the vibrations in ur spine r subplextions or how ever its spelt  
please go to a chiro and have a consolation
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Man I know the feeling. With me, I am afraid of freaking out and losing control at night. Actually, I prefer dealing with anxiety at night instead of during the day. I would actually rather deal with it in colder weather rather than nice.

Just my prefrences. but the night time attacks are murder. Its really something how you can go to bed feeling relaxed then get banged with an anxiety attack in your sleep. I read something a few weeks ago that I tried. Apparently, blood sugar has something to do with the night time attacks. I don't know if this is true or not but the suggestion was made to have a tablespoon of peanut butter before going to bed. I tried it for a week straight and didnt have any attacks.

Mind over matter? Well the past two nights I forgot to do the peanut butter thing and i got up both nights with anxiety. Remember, this is just as much a physical ailment as mental.
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Yes I have woken up with chest pain heart racing and short of breath. Scared crap less sweating the while nine yards..

First try to realize you could be sleeping wrong on your chest or arms that could cause some pain after waking up.

Also it could just be nocturnal panic attacks. Thats what they call anxiety attacks in your sleep found that on the net. Also whom all could see this please go check out no more panic. Its a web site I came across it helped me to try to calm myself.. You don't have to join but I would love to get some feed back on what you ask think about the site.. You may message me with your responses.. It was a great indie into how anxiety suffers think even though we know this already it us nice to see someone understand from a different point of view..
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