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Scary head pain/swollen hard lymp node

I have a swollen and hard occipital lymp node on the right side of my head and the inflammation goes up behind the ear and ear lobe...I'll get occasional shooting pains up the right side of my head that last seconds but the pain is like a burst" of a throb...I also have a small lump (1 cm length,2cm long) puffed out on the side of my neck down closer to the bottom...it's soft and not painful. I also get tingles up the right side of my head...I went to the Er last night they did a chest X-ray and head/brain ct scan..all were normal. I'm suppose to see a neurologist but not for another 30 days (earliest schedule) ..I'm worried and wonder if this has happened to anyone else or if you know anymore about this. Please post, thank you for reading!!!
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Lymph nodes can swell for about a million different reasons, MOST of them being completely benign.  I think it's fair to say you're still very much hyperfocused on your health and suffering from health anxiety.

Have you been poking and prodding at your head and neck?  That in itself will cause nodes to swell very easily.  

I'm confident you will get a clean bill of health from the neurologist.  The ER ruled out anything emergent or dangerous, so you must reassure yourself that you're okay.  It's not unusual to have to wait a month (or several) to see a specialist.  Rest assured that anything acute has been ruled out by the ER....so you must try to put your focus elsewhere until you go into see your neurologist.

You must accept that with health anxiety, there will always be a new worry and a new fear ready to replace the last one.  Once you see your neurologist and everything is ruled out, most likely, your focus will switch to another concern, due to the anxiety symptoms.  If your heart is racing, you will worry about a serious heart condition, if you have a bad headache, you will worry about a stroke, if you have a bad stomach ache, you will be scared of colon cancer.  That's the nature of health anxiety.

Remind me again what you're doing for your anxiety?  That's where your prime focus should be.  If you don't start addressing the anxiety, you will jump from one health worry to another, and that's no way to live.  A lot of people suffer with the same thing, and many people here on this forum have been where you are, but at some point, they took back the power over their "what if" thoughts.  We will be glad to help you do the same.  
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Yeah I'm just worred because its hard and swollen, maybe I should just relax but it's painful..just wondering if you think I'll be ok? I was feelin in the back of my head yesterday evening (around the glad) and pressed onto a spot that shot pain through my head then cause a smaller lump on my neck? Think that's the cause? But what about the pain ( just felt today upon the swallowing or turning neck sometimes) thanks for you input it's greatly considered and I'm done after this..... Waiting a reply thanks a bunch!
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Yes, I think you should relax.  If there was anything worrisome, the ER would not have sent you home.

See, the things is, you probably haven't spent much time poking and prodding to even KNOW what kinds of pains and discomforts you would feel if you did.  When you start poking around, you'll feel things you haven't before...especially if an area is swollen (did the ER confirm the swollen node?).  

I just pressed on a few areas on the side of my neck (I don't have any swollen nodes that I'm aware of)...and I had twinges of pain and weird sensations into my head, down into my jaw.  

The nervous system is complex, and it's not unusual to feel pain in a different spot from where you're palpating.  NOT to mention, the neck is the last place you should be squeezing and poking, with structures such as carotid arteries being in there.  You could actually induce an syncopal eipsode (passing out) if you press on the right spot.  NO more poking!

You got checked, they did testing, and were not overly concerned.  That's what you need to tell yourself.
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Would standard blood work and just head ct scan see your heads lymp nodes and rule out serious conditions?? Sorry I just wasn't sure...and my right occipital(below hairline) lymp node has a throbbing blast of pain about every 30 secs like a heart beat....no more picking and prodding though I gently rubbed my neck and found the lump. Thanks for replying and helping your knowledge is highly respected and considerate thanks.
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Er nurse said it was swollen to follow up with a nueroligist to maybe take the testing further like an MRI to see more indent but my appointment isn't till the 25th of april
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Honestly, I wouldn't worry.
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K I'm not going to the pain is distracting for sure but I'm gonna try to relax
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You should Totally try a Chiropractor! I blame my misaligned spine for causing my anxiety because a simple pinched nerve would make me feel bad, and I'd go to the doctor and They'd say I was healthy! SO Id always be thinking about it and I got to the point to were I was anxious all the time, complaining about so many things and Finally, about 3 weeks ago, I began to go. First, they'll do a consultation and a few X-Rays just to make sure its something a Chiropractor can fix! You'll be surprised how much it DOES help! My neck has a marble feeling thing on the side of it, and I used to (This is Serious) get headaches about 2-3 times a day Every single day. And I'm talking about Really bad headaches. I couldn't stand any light or noise. The Chiropractor told me it eventually leads to What you said.. "Health Anxiety." I really Recommend a Chiropractor! Really! I know most people don't believe in them but hey! Ask someone who's been to a Chiropractor!! And if you need info on what a Chiropractor does, I will Gladly Send you all that Information from My Chiropractor.
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I'd like more info please
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