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Scientific explanation for excessive yawning while taking 50 mg of Sertraline a day

Just wondering why we yawn so much while on this anti-depressant
What is our body going through that we need to yawn so much?
And it's not even a satisfying yawn...they're more like a bunch of annoying half yawns...at least they are for me
Is it because we need more oxygen for the medication to do it's job correctly in our brains?
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It is an unwanted side effect, so nothing can be done to prevent it. Whatever it triggers to make your body yawn is not going to change.
Most side effects disappear with time, hopefully you might get rid of it.
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I've never heard of this as a side effect.  Oxygen has nothing to do with how the drug works.  Are you feeling sedated?  Antidepressants have as one of the most common side effects a feeling of sedation that sometimes goes away with time and sometimes doesn't.  It could be you're feeling more tired and that's why you're yawning more, and it could be a habit you've picked up because of some other side effect.
FWIW.  Celexa gave me the yawns (exactly like itorait20 listed for Sertraline)  for at least 6 weeks, then went away forever. I never felt tired on it, and from what I remember, my pharmacist said it  speeds you up.
Sometimes I chain-yawned over and over as soon as the last one subsided so I tried to forget about it.
Boy, never heard of that one.  As for Celexa, it depends on the person.  It sedated me some but nothing like Paxil and imipramine did.  But I've read that others have been agitated by Paxil.  These drugs are just weird.
Halfway down the page:

Common Celexa side effects may include:

dry mouth, yawning;
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