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Seasonal Affective Disoreder

hello all,
i honestly believe that i suffer from SAD. it seems to kick in at the end of summer and i feel better emotionally when spring arrives. not a great way to "live" unless we move to a state with wonderful weather, beach.
can anyone share their experiences who may suffer from this as well?
can you fill me in on some things you do to get through it?
thank you in advance.
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1. "Disorder"...LOL!

2. and i guess i should have posted this under the "depression" forum? i think anxiety and depression pretty much go hand in hand anyway. owell.
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I am going through the same thing. It is awful! I have not yet been diagnosed, but I think I suffer from SAD as well. A girl I work with uses special light bulbs in the winter that she says are helpfull. Someone also told me that I should use a tanning booth once a week. I have heard that it has to do with the seratonin (sp) levels in the brain.
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I get crazy when i read comments like the last one.  Seasonal affective disorder is tough, but going to a tanning salon is not the answer.  Tanning booth's can easily give you skin cancer, even melanoma.  Melanoma is an extremely nasty and aggressive form of skin cancer - you can die in 6 months if it goes undetected, or severly difigure you.  If you think the winter coming depresses you, think about what skin cancer will do.  Many people very incorrectly state that tanning booths are safe, they aren't and if you don't believe me simply ask your dermatologist or go to the dermatology section here and ask the doctor.
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We all know that tanning booths aren't safe and cause skin cancer.  But aren't you being a little extreme here?  Everything causes cancer.  No need to go in to in a tailspin about how unhealthy tanning is.  Try another approach.

Ocean's, maybe those bulbs your SIL (or sister) was looking in to for you for Christmas will help.  I know the short days are so depressing.
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I kind of get SAD, too. It's not too bad, but I always feel a bit sad at the end of the summer. And I live in sunny Arizona! I mean, I like the holidays...but something about the summer ending just seems...sad. And I REALLY have no excuse this year! My sister is having her baby TONIGHT, so it will be a WONDERFUL season for us!!!!! But still...it's almost like, once January gets here, I start to breathe a sigh or relief. Sad, huh?

I have no answers, except maybe try those lightbulbs, and try not to be by yourself a lot. That makes it worse. Be more active. Go to the mall and get the whole "Christmas" atmosphere in your spirits. That might help, too! Good luck!
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Oh, believe me, i dont think tanning beds are safe at all. All i meant was I heard the lights can make you feel better. I wasnt telling anyone they should try it. We are all adults here and I think we can figure out for ourselves that tanning beds are not safe. I wasnt saying that if you feel alittle sad you should fry yourself for an hour everday. Geezzz...I really think you were alittle extreme.
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