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Seeing black spot in left eye and other symptoms

A few months ago, I started suffering from a range of different symptoms such as:

Pressure feeling in the left side of my head
numbness in one side of my face and head
numbness towards the left shoulder
feeling of panic
numbness across my chest
heart palpitations
pressure which can be in the left, right, back or front of my head
sudden adrenaline rushes
loss of balance on occasions which can come and go
occasional lack of sensation in the whole neck, left arm and left face (not always all symptoms present)

I went to a neurologist who said that the likelihood of me having a brain tumor or problem is very slim seen as I have some symptoms on both sides of my head, and they seem to go away during certain situations, and then come back when im stressed.

Lately, I have been seeing a black dot in my left eye which occurs occasionally, and lasts for around 5 - 10 mins before going away. I panic about this and it has caused anxiety to become worse on occasions. Most of the symptoms are localized on the left side of my body, but I still have some symptoms on the right, its just that they are rare.

I am exceptionally concerned about my health and was wondering if, number 1, my neurologist was right, and number 2, what could be wrong with me, and can my symptoms be explained by anxiety?
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Hi.  Although anxiety can present with symptoms like yours, it's always best to rule out all other causes first.  Stress feeds our anxiety and if your symptoms get worse when you're stressed it's very likely that it is anxiety.  But you need to have a good physical check-up and make sure all is okay.  As for the black spot in your eye, it's probably just a floater, we all get them, and they are not harmful.  But mention this to your doctor.  If it turns out to be anxiety, please know that there is a lot of support here from people who understand and care. See your doctor and go from there.  Take care!
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