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Seeing floater-type shapes briefly

I'm getting these floater-type things, but which don't seem to be floaters since they fade away after only 1 second, 2 seconds tops. Both eyes. And they seem to only occur when I'm feeling very stressed.

My mother is suffering from advanced vascular dementia and this is precipitating this stress. Anyone else experienced anything similar related to stress or otherwise?
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I see them when I drink too much caffeine. Are you drinking more caffeine?
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It is not possible for you to correctly diagnose your physical eye issue. See a health care person who works in eye care instead of wasting your time trying to guess it's an emotional stress issue.
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Just drop by a place that sells glasses and does eye tests, and you'll get good advice since they can see a floater. If the floater exists.
I've had floaters since 1973, that is approximately 50 years.  So, yes, they'll be able to see my floaters!  They're absolutely everywhere in both eyes.

Yes, people cannot give a diagnosis.  And highly unlikely to be able to do so even if they examine my eyes. Nevertheless, for a person knowledgeable in visual anomalies, a list of symptoms can increase or decrease the likelihood of various possibilities.

My tentative hypothesis is that it is stress somehow or other constricting my blood vessels, making some floaters briefly more visible for a fraction of a second.  
I think you will get good answers about your 50 year old problem if you visit a place that does eye tests. Your tentative hypothesis can be discussed there.
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