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Seeking help

Hi, 59 year old husband and father to two grown boys. Had a pretty comfortable life and was self-employed. Without a lot of details I started having fatigue issues back in 2007 and saw every specialist they have. Nothing could be found. After many come and go fatigue attacks in 2015 I had to be hospitalized because of the anxiety that it brought on. Life didn't feel like living. After many years of medicine I turned it around and started having a regular good life again. Overall I have not been a depressed person and have handled stress like one does.  Eventually the doctors weaned me off medications and I was declared in remission. Blast forward to April 2022. Went through some trauma but handled it well then after my wife went through a job loss all of the sudden I was hot with massive fatigue and crushing anxiety. Hospitalized again but this time they were uncaring and because of overcrowding released me. Ive been on Lexapro and mirtazapine. They didn't even check out what I was on before. After getting home somewhat shocked and still under gut wrenching anxiety I have now been completely agoraphobic and go nowhere. This condition is ruining us financially and I can see the stress on my wife and children. So between now (Jan 23) and last April I've been trying to get psychiatric care. Even though I have insurance I can not get any care. Has anyone had this issue? All I have is my GP and I just got him to switch my med to the one I was on in 2015. Basically I've been somewhat bedridden or at least house bound without be able to get proper medical care. Any suggestions will be more than muchly appreciated.
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Vitamin D3 and magnesium help with anxiety and depression. I take gummy vitamins. You may have to force yourself to go outside a few minutes each day. Take in the joy of sunshine and fresh air. Prayer helps too.
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Most people  do not have vitamin deficiencies. Most vitamin health problems are from high doses of unneeded supplements. Before taking supplements, see doc for a blood test to see if you have a deficiency in the vitamin you plan to take.
Yes, I have seen a doctor and my Vitamin D was low enough for doctor's order to take Vitamin D supplements. I get my blood levels checked every 6 months. My doctor said 70% of people are Vitamin D deficient. Most illnesses and diseases are related to Vitamin D deficiency.
As for magnesium that is part of the plan from my psychiatrist. He did  say do not exceed the dosage on the bottle. Magnesium helps with anxiety. I also do blood work on magnesium levels.
My post was also letting Matt1963 know about the need to test.
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Wow! I'm sorry to read this. That is a very long time to suffer without psychiatric care. I've not had that issue. When we needed medication management, we did find it. Are you in the United States? What about a psychiatric nurse practitioner? They do a nice job prescribing medication. They are easier to get into than a psychiatrist, md and you could get on a wait list for the psychiatrist. And therapy. Do not forget therapy. Medication is great but therapy skills are the heart of recovery. CBT and DBT therapy would be fantastic. Do a search in your area and get on a wait list if you have to for a caregiver. And then send an email each monday asking for cancellations. We were moved up every time we did this and got cancellations so were in much sooner than told. And yes, a gp could also start you on medication or adjust your current medication. Agoraphobia is serious and you surely want to overcome this. And you know what . . . you WILL. You did before, you'll do it again.
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Yes, the us....Seattle WA. To be exact.
Ive done some cbt and that's a tough one for me. Especially the thing about "there no right or wrong" only gray matters. I will look into the nurse thing. Thanks for the response.
You could try pay apps that have narrators showing how to meditate. I use one that costs $100, because it has an insomnia section. They will have many narrators, so you can listen to different people until you find some that you like.

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