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Serious Anxiety :( Anyone to talk to

I'm currently suffering from extreme anxiety and what feels like the start of depression as I am extremely extremely low. I want to cry all the time and I can't focus on work or pretend like everything is ok. I just want to sleep forever. Going to bed is the best time and waking up is the worst :( I do have reasons to feel like this but I don't feel comfortable to say it on here. I just want to feel like there is a way out and that I will be happy again. If anymore can give me some positive words or anything I would appreciate it. I feel so alone right now.
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Being depressed wth anxiety is very difficult and I understand personally how you feel. Its not easy by a long shot. What is important is to have a good network of family and friends for support. Additionally, seeing a psychiatrist or a therapist can help a lot as well. For the reasons you may feel the way you do it might not hurt to talk to a therapist about it. For myself I have my ups and downs and I can't speak for everyone but for me it did get better even though I have some rough patches. Hang in there and take care of yourself and try to keep yourself busy and avoid things like alcohol which only make it worse.
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I just finished reading The Magnesium Miracle, and I am full of hope.. Let's try magnesium therapy and in a month see how our lifes has changed!! The best to you..
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